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How to put on wedding band during ceremony

on June 08, 2023

Wedding ceremonies require a lot of planning, after all, they are the moment when a great promise of life begins, and we want everything to be perfect as much as you do.

With that in mind, we will talk a little bit about a topic that, like so many, you should have well resolved before the awaited moment takes place: what goes first, the wedding band or engagement ring?

How to put on wedding band during ceremony

Once you get used to wearing a beautiful diamond on your left ring finger, you easily forget it's there. When the big day arrives, with nerves on edge, you may not know what to do with the ring and end up in a mental block.

We will now address the frequent doubts of our clients and followers about How to put on wedding band during ceremony.


Do you wear your engagement ring down the aisle?

Traditionally the arrival at the altar is the main reason why any engagement ring has been on your finger.

However, there are many cases where the bride decides to simply remove it before the ceremony, after all, she is the one who sets the rules. Sometimes they decide not to wear it to prevent the diamond from getting caught on the dress, veil or gloves (if you have them). It's not traditional, but the bride's safety and peace of mind comes first.

If you decide not to take your ring to the altar for whatever reason, leaving aside protocol, it is important to place it in a safe place or in the hands of your maid of honor who can return it once the ceremony is over.


Where do you put your engagement ring on wedding day?

There are several alternatives for the engagement ring that make the protocol and reception of the new wedding band much easier. Mostly, more traditional brides follow one of two options:


Wear the engagement ring on the right hand

In order not to hinder the reception of the new ring, brides place their engagement jewelry on the ring finger of the right hand, leaving the left ring finger free to receive the wedding band. This gives the bride the possibility to wear both rings separately and if they match well, she can wear them together to great effect in the photos.


Leave the engagement ring on the left hand

Some brides completely forget to switch their ring to the right hand, which is normal considering all the emotions and thoughts on such an important day. If this happens, simply receive the wedding band over the engagement ring.

This is a bit outside of traditional protocol, but it's much better than taking the ring off in the middle of the ceremony. You can then switch them around. If you put the engagement diamond on first for too long it will likely overshadow the wedding band and that's not the idea.


Do brides wear their engagement ring during the ceremony?

Yes, the brides do wear their engagement ring during the ceremony all the time.

Although we have already clarified that it all depends on how the protocol is approached in these cases, it is tradition for brides to wear their engagement ring before, during and even after the ceremony. Always in a place that does not hinder the reception of the new band or inconvenience the bride in any way.


Wedding band and engagement ring order

We already have a very interesting and revealing post in which we addressed the topic of how to wear engagement rings and wedding bands for both traditional brides and those who like to make their own rules and be fashionable.

So, wedding band or engagement ring first? To summarize, the wedding band always goes first on the left ring finger (on the right in some cultures) and is followed by the engagement ring or Eternity Ring after an important anniversary.

Since the wedding ring is an eternal commitment and by definition much more solid it goes first, closer to the heart. The engagement ring is placed later in the ceremony and can be worn at convenience. This way a bride can take off or put on her engagement ring as the occasion requires, while the wedding band tends to stay on longer, being more comfortable this way.


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