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Correct way to wear engagement and wedding rings

on April 16, 2021

Engagement and marriage are moments that mark a before and after in a couple's life, but every bride knows that marriage brings with it many protocols and traditions, such as wedding rings, and the correct way to wear engagement and wedding rings.


Correct way to wear engagement and wedding rings


From the beginning, we could say that a bride (or groom) has total control over what a tradition means to them and the message that a ring symbolizes. Ideally, get the one that best suits your lifestyle.

But if it's important for you to master these magical traditions and be aware of what they can represent, here's a quick guide that will surely come in handy.

Correct way to wear engagement ring

When received, they are placed on the ring finger of the left hand (the fourth finger).

On the wedding day, the ring should be changed to the other hand so as not to hinder the reception of the new ring that goes on the same finger.

Once the ceremony is over and the bride has her two rings, the engagement ring returns to its place on the left hand. This traditionally places it after the wedding band.

Correct way to wear wedding rings

Wedding rings on the other hand are very easy to wear, they are always placed on your ring finger of the left hand (the fourth finger if we count from the right). It is usually the first ring you put on if you decide to stack it with the engagement ring.

In the event that the bride decides not to have her wedding ring for security reasons, to preserve it in better condition and to use it for important events, it is usually replaced with an engagement ring.

Some brides purchase substitute rings, which they can wear on a daily basis if the original might be a setback for their lifestyle.

What about Eternity rings?

Eternity rings are very popular anniversary, engagement and memorial rings among couples. Because they have such deep meaning, any bride would want to hold them close to her heart, but how does this ring fit in with others?

Eternity are good choices to go in between the wedding band and engagement ring. These and other custom designs can become tricky to put all together. If you find it uncomfortable to wear three rings, you can wear your Eternity along with your wedding band and place the engagement ring on the right ring finger.


Wear rings on both hands

Although it's not so conventional, sometimes wedding bands and engagement rings don't look great together. It may be because of the color of the metal or because the stones chosen cause some unwanted rubbing or any kind of discomfort. It may simply be that the bride doesn't like the combination.
In this case, you can safely wear a ring on each hand. Always reserve the left hand for the wedding band. This will still look appropriate and you will not be breaking any unbreakable rules about wearing engagement rings.

Is it mandatory to wear them in a specific order?

You are probably concerned about the order in which they should wear their engagement rings. The simple answer, there is no mandatory order.

Usually the wedding ring goes first, then the engagement ring and a modest or minimalist anniversary design in between in case the bride wishes to stack her designs. Very popular this season.

It is possible that for commemorative moments such as the 5th, 10th, 15th or 20th anniversary, the bride may want to substitute the wedding band for the anniversary ring if it fits her overall style, like an eternity ring with her birthstone or a significant one.



Extra tips to make dressing up wedding sets easier

Don't be alarmed if you see someone wearing their engagement ring and wedding band in places other than the traditional ones. It's important to be clear that everyone's choice of what a ring symbolizes and its appropriateness for their lifestyle is unique to each individual.

This includes gentlemen, who have recently become more interested in wearing engagement rings as well.

Some general tips that you may find useful and worth concluding with would be summarized as:


1. Choose one ring and keep the other

Although brides may want to wear their rings close to their hearts at all times, keeping one only for special moments will keep it in better condition and last much longer.

2. Choose the wedding band with your engagement ring in mind

Personalized designs of this type are increasingly sought after; with the great symbolism they have, brides prefer that their jewelry can be worn together without problems.

3. Create your own rules

Wedding rings are loaded with meaning, don't be afraid to create your own rules of use, beyond what others may set for you.


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