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Earrings Blue Sapphire & Pearls

RD$ 19,000.00RD$ 24,400.00

Earrings 18kt Gold Aquamarine & Moonstone Ovals

RD$ 37,900.00RD$ 54,000.00

Earrings 18kt Gold Jacket Pearls and Diamonds

RD$ 37,900.00RD$ 66,600.00

Earring Ruby and Lemon Citrine

RD$ 44,200.00RD$ 51,700.00

Earrings Lemon Citrine with Small Ruby & Diamonds

RD$ 50,500.00RD$ 60,300.00

Earrings Orange Sapphires with Rubies and Lemon Citrines

RD$ 50,500.00RD$ 67,700.00

Earrings Trendy Jacket 14kt Rose Gold & Diamonds

RD$ 50,500.00RD$ 68,900.00

Earrings Blue Topaz & Lemon Citrine with Diamonds

RD$ 51,700.00RD$ 61,700.00

Earrings Amethyst Tear & Diamonds

RD$ 56,800.00RD$ 80,400.00

Earrings Heart Diamonds Studs in Platinum

RD$ 63,200.00RD$ 91,800.00

Earrings Orange Sapphire & Diamonds with Lemons Citrine

RD$ 63,200.00RD$ 74,600.00

Earrings Lemon Citrine & Ruby Cabochon

RD$ 63,200.00RD$ 68,900.00

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