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Unique diamond bracelets, in a collection designed to combine the most beautiful metals and stones, in pieces of high jewelry, modern, artistic and delicate preparation.
From the ambitious cuts of the ruby diamond bracelet, to the small cuts of pink, discover yours and make your natural charm shine with Albert Hern.

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Bracelet 14kt White Gold Perpetual Tennis & 54 Diamonds

RD$ 536,500.00

Bracelet 18kt White Gold Tennis with 68 Diamonds

RD$ 394,500.00

Bracelet 18kt White Gold Tennis with 69 Diamonds

RD$ 380,100.00

Bracelet Stretch 18kt White Gold & 77 Diamonds

RD$ 315,600.00

Bracelet Perpetual Tennis 18kt White Gold & 77 Diamonds

RD$ 308,400.00

Bracelet 18kt Rose Gold Emerald Cut Pink Tourmalines Tennis

RD$ 298,400.00

Bracelet 14kt Gold Oval Emeralds & Diamonds Tennis

RD$ 223,800.00

Bracelet 18kt Rose Gold Rubies & Diamonds

RD$ 195,700.00

Bracelet 18kt Rose Gold Ruby & Diamonds on Clasp

RD$ 189,400.00

Bracelet 14kt White Gold & Diamonds Rigid Tennis

RD$ 170,700.00

Bracelet 14kt Rose Gold & Oval Pink Sapphires Tennis

RD$ 165,000.00

Bracelet 18kt Gold & Oval Aquamarine Tennis

RD$ 159,300.00

Since we know you like to look your best, we have put our most audacious diamond bracelets for sale, so you can dazzle with a piece of art made into jewelry. From birth stones to diamond slide bracelets, find that wonderful gift that will never go out of style.
Nothing beats the elegance of gold with diamond bracelets of this timeless collection to wear with your everyday style or for that special occasion.
Find in a small gold diamond cut bracelet, an unlimited amount of details inspired by royalty, with perfect sapphires and rubies, handmade by a true designer.


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