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Earrings 18kt Gold Flowers 4 Petals Studs

RD$ 40,400.00

Earrings 14kt Gold Snake Huggies Diamonds & Gemstone Eyes

RD$ 33,200.00

Earrings 18kt Gold Climbers Pear Emeralds with Diamonds Halo

RD$ 126,700.00

Mini Earrings 14kt Gold & Trio Gemstones Studs

RD$ 17,300.00

Earrings 18kt Gold Colombian Emeralds & Diamonds Studs

RD$ 210,200.00

Earrings 18kt Gold Oval Emeralds & Diamonds Studs

RD$ 41,800.00

Ring 18kt Gold Square GIA Emerald & Diamonds Pave

RD$ 244,700.00

Ring 18kt Gold Pear GIA Emerald & Diamonds Pave

RD$ 251,900.00

Earrings 14kt Gold Green Agates & Diamonds

RD$ 89,000.00

Earrings 18kt Gold Open Circle Gems & Diamonds Studs

RD$ 155,500.00

Earrings 18kt Gold Open Flowers Gems & Diamonds Studs

RD$ 59,100.00

Ring 18kt Gold Pear Emerald & Diamonds Pave

RD$ 142,500.00

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