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2023 Gold Jewelry Trends in May | The Gold Month

on June 08, 2023

The month of May has arrived and with it we could not miss the 2023 gold jewelry trends to open the Spring-Summer season. If you've been following the trends from previous seasons you'll see some old familiar faces that are still making waves and some new entrants that are sure to blow your mind.

Let's talk a bit about how the challenges of the past few years have changed our perspective on jewelry and how cutting edge designers have taken this into consideration to turn May jewelry into a form of artistic expression.

Whether you follow trends because you plan to add a seasonal piece to your collection, give a special gift or just to fantasize a little, you'll love what we've put together for you.


Prevailing perspective on spring 2023 jewelry

Since the end of 2019 our perspective on what is truly important has completely changed. Contact with those you love, safety, health and comfort that exists in the most practical and meaningful as well as durable things, are concepts that have been brought into the world of jewelry design as well as much as into everyday life.

Jewelry trends for 2023 have evolved toward the thoughtful and symbolic. Jewelry that creates bonds and reminds us of those people we love, who may be far away, or simplifies our lives in some way.

Understanding that in today's lifestyle, practicality and intimate contact is more valuable than anything else is the key to deciphering new trends.


Must-have accessory of the golden month: Earrings

The return of the golden earrings, now we will certainly see them everywhere. Their great visual impact makes them one of the favorites since you don't need to invest too much to make them look outstanding and very elegant, especially for those quick meetings or for casual styles. Just like last year, yellow gold is king.


Now, simplicity and comfort are part of this year's outlook Is this contradictory to the big yellow gold pieces? Not at all.

The idea is not to look overdone, but this does not mean that we are not looking for visual impact. For this reason, jewelry trends propose few but very attractive pieces, such as asymmetrical earrings.

When it comes to versatility, why not choose models that allow you to experiment to the maximum? Fashion also means being able to choose and for this, earrings that can be modified to look simple, asymmetrical or elegant, all in one can be a dream acquisition.


A New Perspective on Rings: Practical Comfort

If you love rings, you've surely noticed how difficult it is to maintain some types of settings. Frequent hand washing and disinfecting pieces after leaving home has led many couples to prefer engagement pieces with fancier settings, such as bezel-set or solid yellow gold models.

Bezel settings are not only more secure but are also very comfortable on the fingers and offer a very elegant casual style that is perfect for very fashionable symbolic pieces.


With comfort as the north, half bands have become the main alternative for those who love Eternity Rings and similar rings with precious gem settings that continue to be a great choice.


Spring essentials: Pendants

Pendants this season are more important than ever, even though fashion trends are virtually unchanged from last year in this category.

Of course, fashion isn't just about getting attention. Remember how we talked about how important it is to have a symbolic piece of jewelry? This season is ideal for including a symbol pendant, with an initial or perhaps your name in yellow gold. That's also a great detail for Mother's Day.


The magic of pearls

A good pearl design gives an aura of elegance very practical and easily are confidences that will pass from generation to generation without problems.


You can combine pearls with the concepts reviewed in the previous sections and they fit with all of them Yellow gold rings and pearls? Of course!


Mother pearl is super versatile and its silvery luster is exquisite in all kinds of compositions. Excellent for medals that will look great this season and beyond. Ideal for pieces with special and elegant symbolism.


Ideal bracelets for May 2023 season

Bracelets are an ideal alternative to make an impact with everything in this 2023 gold jewelry season. The trend is clear: yellow gold, thick chains and striking links. A perfect, casual and elegant way to enhance everyday style without investing in big sets if you don't want to.


Do you like it simple and minimalist? Color combinations and geometric shapes are your option to follow the fashion steps in your own way. This proves again that for everyone there is a place. A bright and beautiful one in this case.


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