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What your engagement ring says about you

on June 08, 2023

An engagement ring is perhaps the most symbolic and personal piece of jewelry a couple could treasure. And as crazy as it sounds, its design, gemstone or setting can say a lot about the wearer's personality.

Elegant or classic? rebellious or conservative? the latest in design or vintage? Let's find out what these choices mean.

What your engagement ring says about you


What your engagement ring style says about you

While the value of engagement rings has more to do with the bond of love they represent than a fashion statement, they are still jewelry. As they say, "there's a style for every personality".

From the cut of the center gemstone, to the metals, to the overall design, it has meaning.


What about the shape of the gemstones?

Engagement rings commonly feature a beautiful center gemstone, although not mandatory, it is usually the preference of most customers. The shape of the center gemstone in an engagement ring is the telltale area.

Since each cut is unique, it is individual tastes that define the true shape of beauty. Let's look at the personality behind each cut.



Round cut diamonds are the best-selling engagement center stones worldwide. This cut is a reflection of a traditional and elegant lady. This type of cut is usually preferred by those who love the deep beauty and simplicity of timeless things.

Anyone who wants to be fashionable and fit in a sophisticated way will surely prefer a round cut that, despite being simple, can without much effort be the center of attention, you can hardly ignore it by shining.



Oval diamonds are based on the round cut so they are just as brilliant. Their desirable rounded shape makes them perfect for more sensitive and daring women, who are looking for a classic statement with a distinctive signature of their own.

By optimizing weight, oval cut gems look larger than other gems with similar characteristics.

A lady who prefers an oval cut is very confident in herself and her style, so she is not afraid to show her adventurous side, but staying true to her beliefs.


Beautiful cushion cut gems are romantic, gentle and feminine by definition. Their beautiful figure makes the cushion cut a favorite of those who value the past and classic details, but are always ready to look to the future.

The geometric patterns and rounded edges of these gems are often associated with romanticism and empathy and sensitivity to the feelings around them.



Princess cut rings are bold, perfect for those who dream of a happy ending fairy tale, bringing love into their lives, but also good doses of fun.

A woman who prefers a princess cut is willing to go for what she wants and knows how to relax to enjoy the wonders of life, when time permits. Ideal for the most romantic and passionate.



An alluring elegance. Emerald cut gems have fewer facets, so they are also less sparkly, but this allows you to appreciate the depth and perfection of a good cut without distraction.

This type of cut describes minimalist yet glamorous personalities, as of those who need a simple pair of garments to take everyone's breath away just by walking by.

It is a bold gem that inspires luxury and sophistication, so fashionistas and lovers of elegant style will find their home in this cut.


Brides who prefer heart cut gems are those who truly believe in the power of a symbol and the beauty behind a shape or form, after all is there anything better to communicate love and romance than a heart?

These gems are special for those who love attention to detail, romance, fairy tales and fated love.


What about metals?

The psychology of color is present everywhere, even more so in jewelry. Depending on the color of the gold or the type of metal, various messages can be interpreted.


Yellow gold

Yellow gold celebrates wealth, fortune and abundance. An engagement ring in yellow gold is very unusual, but it creates dazzling, high-impact and beautiful proposals.

Yellow gold is elegant and sophisticated with very little effort. When someone gives a yellow gold engagement ring as a gift, it usually communicates that they feel fortunate to have found the right person, so the wearer can express by wearing it that they share that feeling.


White Gold

Ideal for those looking to accentuate the idea of a traditional engagement, filled with all those beautiful expectations of romance.

White gold jewelry is shiny, but in an elegant and distinguished way. Engagement rings in this material convey solemnity and respect.


Rose gold

Rose gold is one of the most sought-after alloys in jewelry and is the perfect metal for an engagement ring with a difference. This type of metal is not very traditional, but it represents very well those who love romance, it can mean passion and adventure.



Platinum is a powerful, durable, shiny and above all rare metal. Platinum excels in durability and creates compositions that feel exclusive and luxurious, even with little investment.

A platinum engagement ring is a very special piece that seeks to make a great impression and is meant to last forever. Especially for couples who wish to express the timeless meaning of their love.


What does your engagement ring shape say about you?

Once you have looked at the individual components, it is important to emphasize that the overall outfit also speaks volumes about the wearer. Similar to what happens with clothing, a single garment may not say anything, but the whole outfit communicates a strong message.

In a general sense, some strong trends can be recognized.



Classic designs target traditional couples, who believe in the popular version of romantic love, soap operas and the beautiful things that follow romance forever.

This style of rings usually has a large central gemstone, unadorned or with small inlays, platinum and white gold, with close gems in the shape of a round cut.



Modern styles are common for those who love to make their own rules, with or without much romance. This type of rings prefer fancy cuts, bold models, with extroverted or unexpected angles. Yellow and white gold fit this profile.

Brides who aim for this type of style tend to be empowered and dominant, rule setters or like to follow unique trends.



Vintage style rings can have all kinds of gems and metals, but they especially emphasize the eye-catching, with complex elements and visually arresting geometric patterns.

A lady who looks for vintage has an intense passion for things that are durable and stable, sturdy and can be differentiated at a glance.



Ladies who prefer colorful center gems are women who truly understand fashion and who see their engagement rings as a piece that goes beyond a simple romantic statement.

They still feel a strong bond for their rings, they're just not afraid to skip labels.



A personalized or custom handmade ring is jewelry for the most demanding and perfectionist (in the good sense of the expression). The most dreamy brides choose special designs because they feel more intimate, like a life hope fulfilled.

Personalized rings represent proactivity, creativity and those who like to create their own spaces and rules.


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