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What is the meaning of the rings on each finger for women?

on June 08, 2023

A ring can become a link, the container of a beautiful memory. Undoubtedly a very versatile piece of jewelry and capable of possessing a great and deep meaning.

Even the gems that make it up and its location on the hand could deduce many interesting things about the habits, status and even the personality of a woman.

Knowing the meaning of the fingers and their respective rings it is possible to convey the right messages and that is what we will talk about today.

What is the meaning of the rings on each finger for women

What do rings on each finger mean?

While we maintain that no one but you choose the meaning and placement for your special jewelry, there are historical references for the rings on each finger, with which you can be inspired and connect in a profound way according to your personality.

Before we get into ring styles, let's talk specifically about the meaning of each finger:



The thumb is curiously the only finger on the hand (both female and male) that does not have associations with gods or spiritual symbols in most cultures.

Being the "finger of approval" because of the popular thumbs-up sign, it is often associated with character, decision-making power and confidence.



"The pointing finger" or index finger, is related to the ability to lead, to suggest alternatives, ambition and self-confidence. The Romans believed that this finger was related to Jupiter, the father of the gods, so related gemstones such as blue topaz were chosen for this finger.



The middle finger is the longest and largest finger on the hand and is often associated with boldness, responsibility and balance. Being in the center of the hand, it is linked to personal power.


Ring finger

The ring finger is the well-known finger of romantic love, creativity, art and beauty. By many cultures, it is considered the ideal finger to carry the symbols of commitment and partnership, both on the right and left hand.


Pinky finger

The pinky finger has been known since ancient times as the finger of Mercury, the important roman god of commerce and eloquence. This concept has evolved over time, relating its meaning to boldness, intelligence, persuasion and planning.


What does wear rings on different fingers mean?

Once you are familiar with the meaning of each finger, you can understand much better the symbolism of the different rings depending on their location on the hand and how this affects the design of the rings.

Always remembering that this is not the absolute truth, just an accumulation of cultural references to consider. So, to choose different rings for different fingers follow the references, but always true to your intuitions.


Thumb ring meaning for a woman

Thumb rings have such a wide and rich symbolism that we have decided to prepare a special content for those designs. For our more eager casual readers, we can advance you that these types of rings usually need a lot of material, if you want to make them look sturdy as well as the finger.


It is the need for aesthetics and size that makes thumb rings an eye-catching luxury statement, especially useful because they are far from the ring finger, which is convenient if you decide to wear multiple rings on your hands. That's not all there is to say about them, though.


Meaning of middle finger rings

The middle finger is the largest and longest finger, which makes jewelry in that position stand out particularly well. Being related to balance and responsibility as a personal value, it is the perfect location for self-gift jewelry or promise rings (non-romantic).

In the case of wearing neutral pieces that don't make statements about your life, such as seasonal jewelry, the middle finger of the right and left hand is the one to go for.

Admittedly, it is a bold finger, so most people will interpret your rings as having an aesthetic, rather than sentimental, vibe.


Index finger rings female meaning

In traditional Jewish ceremonies it is well known that women can wear their wedding rings on the index finger, usually very simple bands of precious metal. When it is not this particular design, we are most likely talking about a prominent cocktail ring.

There is a lot to tell about rings on the index finger, both right hand and left hand, to summarize, remember that this is the finger of power and leadership. Any band on the index finger will stand out well and this is often taken advantage of in designs.

If you want to know the whole story in depth, we prepared a post, and even a whole collection, to dedicate to these striking designs.


Can you wear a ring on your ring finger?

Ring finger rings are only for engagement, marriage and eternity, right?

Today, many traditions have been put to the test and in the interest of looking as your personality dictates, it is possible to choose diamond rings that are not romantic jewelry, if you have the proper advice. After all, it is the finger of love, which includes self-love. If you are a single woman why not put your own diamond there?

Regardless of your personal choice or style (which we applaud), it is almost universally known that bands on the ring finger represent important engagement pieces on both the right and left hand, and this may be the message that most get.


Pinky finger rings?

In fact, you can wear gold rings on all fingers if you know how to combine them, which of course includes the little finger. Although this symbol represented for several centuries a sign of commitment, it applied exclusively to men.

The rings on the little finger are beautiful details, which being farther away from the body can be very striking even with their modest size.

These bands are intimately related to intelligence and cunning, a perfect place to destine graduation jewelry, especially engineering, technological or ecological branches.

In the past, the fame of pinky finger rings revolved around the life of organized crime and the mafia. Possibly because it was the finger where family seals or insignia were usually worn. A resource that TV programs often take advantage of.


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