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Types of agate | Enigmatic and dazzling gems full of mysticism

on November 25, 2023

The agate stone is found in a wide variety of colors and textures and is characterized mainly for being a soft stone, widely used in jewelry for harmony and balance. It is a semi-precious stone, microcrystalline, derived from quartz, so it usually has intermingled shades, which gives it a touch of mysticism that catches the eye and captivates the wearer.

Type of agate

There are different kinds of agate used in jewelry, here we will describe the most used ones.

Striped agate

It is the most commonly used variety and its main characteristic is the alternating color bands it presents. These bands can be of any color, but generally they are black, white, brown, red and blue. These agate stones are attributed with properties that promote peace and emotional stability; it is also used as an amulet to attract good luck, and improve self-esteem and concentration.

All this symbolism that has accumulated over the years gives it a special sentimental value.

type of agate Striped

Dendritic agate

Of the common kinds of agate, this is one of the most abundant and beautiful. It is a variety whose patterns resemble tree roots. These particular patterns are formed by the inclusion of minerals or rocks in the stone, such as iron oxide or manganese. These inclusions end up taking the form of plants, branches or mosses, which is why dendritic agate is said to be a mossy stone.

It is considered a cool stone that helps to improve the connection with nature.

type of agate dendritic


Walled agate

It is a variety of agate crystal that has colored bands separated by white lines. The color bands are usually intense shades of green, blue or red.  The internal pattern of this stone, forms lines that resemble peaks, very different from the traditional circles that are formed in other common kinds of agate.

It is widely used as a pendant, because of the belief that its energetic properties protect the heart as a shield.

type of agate walled

Agate landscape

Its name derives from the patterns that it presents inside, resembling natural landscapes. These patterns are the result of inclusions in the formation process of agate from different minerals or rocks. 

As you will see, agate is a fascinating stone full of unique details that seem to catch fragments of nature. Hence, its association with the spiritual world.

As its internal patterns become more complicated or its color deepens, its price tends to increase.


Agate druse

This variety of agate has, in the center, a hole in the form of druse that contains small crystals that can be medium. It is highly valued in jewelry to make rings, pendants and large pieces for collectors. 

It is also often used for ornaments in interior spaces.

type of agate druse

Orbicular agate

This is one of the varieties of rare agates that can be found today. Its main characteristic is that the drawing that is formed in its interior are circular lines in the shape of an eye. For this particularity it is a stone very related to the arts of divination.

type of agate

Black agate

Also called onyx or onyx, it is a semi-precious stone composed of silica and is of volcanic origin. In ancient Greece, all chalcedonies were considered onyx stones, regardless of color. Later, in the Roman culture, it was determined that onyx was only the one with black or dark brown color.

If you are fascinated by this agate color you can find in Albert Hern different options of accessories:

Carnelian agate

Among the agate types and colors, carnelians are distinguished by their bright yellow, red and orange shades. Carnelian can have circular or triangular betas, or even a mixture of both. 

Carnelian agates are stones that relate to material energies and promote connection with the present.  They are associated with protective properties and physical, emotional and intellectual balance.


Brazilian Agate

As its name indicates, it comes from Brazil and is characterized by ovoid or circular structures.  This kind of agate is usually more transparent than the rest. It presents a series of concentric bands of various shades of color.

Type of agate brazilian

Green agate

Although the name implicitly suggests its most important characteristic, the reality is that this agate can have an infinite number of variations in tone depending on where it is mined.

Those from Brazil tend to be darker and have sharp patterns, those from India and the United States have a lighter almost pale green with ribbed patterns, and those from Mexico tend to be brighter in tone with unique patterns. 

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Blue agate

Their hue is blue and sometimes they can be dyed to intensify the color and brightness. They are very sought after in jewelry, for the beauty of the blue color, also in the spiritual and holistic world, for the qualities of peace of mind and balance of emotions that supposedly has. It is also related to children and pregnant women.

type of agate blue

In Albert Hern you can find different types and colors of agate, according to your preferences, such as the following:


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