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Vintage engagement rings

on June 08, 2023

The beauty of vintage engagement rings seems to have stood the test of time, just as you would expect from true love. The great moments of antique jewelry come to life again, but few have the right to occupy the top vintage engagement rings.

A historical jewel that represents romantic, unique and elegant loves; and the great challenge of finding the right one.

We have created for you a really nice top that will serve as inspiration, with the best pieces that capture the essence of a good vintage engagement ring.


1. Yellow Gold and Rough Diamond

18 karat yellow gold is an important feature in vintage diamond engagement ring styles.

Gold is not only an instrument to communicate wealth or luxury, but it expresses without words "You are a valuable treasure".

Color is the key. By correctly combining the angles and unique properties of the stone, the Rough Diamond 1.21 carats center and its 33 complementary diamonds seem to create a wonderful symphony of brilliance and timeless elegance.


2. Art Deco Emerald

Art Deco was and remains an endless source of inspiration for the design of these pretty vintage engagement rings. Its geometric silhouettes have been able to exploit the potential of gems such as the emerald, which has ceased to be an overused gem and has become a unique detail.


It is possible to play with the angles and geometry of emeralds like these to create powerful visual effects. Of course, emeralds are too fragile to wear on a daily basis. A minimal detail to consider for such a beautiful vintage style.


3. Architectural engagement design


One component that is certainly reminiscent of classic styles is the clear architectural influence of the era behind this type of engagement ring. Cathedral settings on center stones such as sapphires, as huge as this Yellow Sapphire 4.12 cts are a sample of it.

With dozens of diamonds of different sizes, well-crafted gemstones that have structural elements or depict complex figures from nature such as flowers, they are a good way to commemorate older styles of engagement rings.


4. Art Deco Topaz Queen


The opulence of vintage retro engagement rings never goes out of style. For those looking to make that indelible one-of-a-kind statement, a 4.50 carat topaz with 28 diamonds and a solid polished platinum base is the perfect messenger.

The silver elements and natural sparkle of the diamonds only add to the striking blue of the topaz. A favorite when it comes to pieces with history.


5. Classic solitaire ring: Princess cut


If we are talking about classic favorites, the solitaire diamond is undoubtedly the one that most people know and that almost all traditional brides prefer. What if we combine the vintage expectation with a modified modern cut? The result can be a beautiful princess cut solitaire ring.

While this design is relatively new enough to be called "vintage" its features are reminiscent of the old days of knights and damsels. A great alternative to today's dominant engagement ring market.


6. A large central design

Pieces with huge central precious gems are something that anyone would expect in an antique vintage engagement ring setting. It is definitely a form of statement that goes beyond the "new age" offering. Amethysts, sapphires and diamonds are often the most desirable players in the catalog.


Ideal for brides looking to stand out with unrepeatable jewelry. One of those that you can't stop looking at and that, when worn, immediately take you back to that era of timeless elegance so magical and authentic.


7. Classic solitaire ring: Round cut

We could not honor the classic styles without talking of course about the round cut. This is the offering that to this day could not be surpassed in popularity and whose ancient tradition makes it fall into this category.


While a center round cut is far from being something rarely seen in the modern era, it is undeniable that just by looking at it we can feel that black and white movie, romantic statement scene.


What do we define as a vintage engagement ring?

All engagement rings whose characteristics perfectly fit a certain era in history can be called a vintage engagement ring. On their own they can remind those who see them of the opulence and elegance of bygone eras.

Modern wedding rings seem to opt for expressing unique meanings, but antique jewelry has more romantic characteristics. Giving a vintage engagement ring as a gift is a true declaration of love at its purest and most sentimental.


Why are they so popular?

Truly classic jewelry has disappeared. The few that exist are found in museums, as part of the possessions of royalty or in expensive auctions. This gives a unique touch of exclusivity to a piece of jewelry. Reason that makes them so popular with some brides.

For their part, older engagement rings have a timeless elegance that share a message of a love that has been immortalized over time. They maintain a romantic style that predominates over other meanings.

Although a vintage statement may not be the most usual, except for the diamond solitaire, it is still quite sought after. Especially, by the most modern brides who are desperately looking for authenticity that will set them apart from the rest.


Best place to buy vintage engagement rings

The best advice would be to visit stores with availability of vintage engagement rings for sale online. Why? Your local stores are unlikely to display too many vintage models for you to have range of choice, including budget.

If you need a little help, we can help you choose one that suits your needs. All until you find that model that gives the ideal statement of love that you are looking for.

If you're someone who likes to shop around and decide for yourself, you'll find great alternatives. But make sure you buy from stores with the right track record, warranty and authenticity certification to back up your purchase as is the case with your humble servant, Albert Hern.


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