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Jewelry for older women and how to wear them

on June 22, 2024

While there are no rules set in stone about what you "can" or can't wear at a certain age, it's accurate to say that jewelry for older women is a category of pieces that look like wine, getting better and better as the years go by.

Every piece of clothing, even if it has no labels, conveys a message and serves as a style statement. In this sense, there are some jewels and precious stones that help to accentuate those characteristics that a woman acquires over the years such as: Wisdom, elegance, poise and distinction.

Let us show you some of our favorite options, as well as some tips for you to find an accessory that matches your style.


Jewelry trends for women

Jewelry for the mature woman is created with a timeless ideal in mind. They tend to reflect elegance and class, even in the demurest styles.

Some stylists suggest that ladies over 50 should no longer wear overly sparkly jewelry, but, particularly at Albert Hern, we think this is not entirely true.

In fact, large sparkling pieces in cool, deep colors beautifully highlight the natural beauty of a beautiful older woman. Anyone who has seen a large necklace of Tsavorites, Emeralds or Sapphires would beg to differ. They are truly dazzling.

We should not worry about the size of the jewel, but about the overall style and, among the classic, choose something adapted to the personality of each one.

Let's see some options among the main categories of jewelry:


1. Rings for ladies

When it comes to rings, being over 50 is a green flag for cocktail styles, cabochon cut gems, infinity rings and, if it goes with your lifestyle, a beautiful plain gold band to which we can include some details.

Some representative pieces in this category are:


Ring Yellow Gold Rubellite Cabochon & Diamonds

This dazzling 15.3 carat cabochon cut center rubellite ring is an elegant piece of jewelry, perfect for discarding in cocktail attire.

The centerpiece is set in a brilliant 18 karat solid gold base. 22 grams of gold in total.

It also has a body set with more than one carat of brilliant cut diamonds, which give it a striking effect.


Elegant emerald ring

Although diamonds are any woman's best friend, it's also true that emeralds have earned an important place in the top of elegant gems.

The crystalline and transparent aspect of a good emerald combines perfectly with its subtle color, giving it a very refined look.

Two beautiful pieces with an exquisite emerald center, in 18kt solid gold base and complementary diamonds. Useful for taking everyday style to the next level.


Half eternity bands

As we age, taking care of our delicate skin becomes a necessity. At the same time, eternity bands turn out to be very beautiful, although they are not always the most comfortable.

To combine both perspectives, there is nothing better than a half infinity band.

The top look will be the same as an infinity band, at the same time, they will be very comfortable to wear between the fingers. Ideal for a lady after 50.

Both pieces feature desirable selected Tsavorites and a shiny solid gold base, all handcrafted with Albert Hern's signature quality.



2. Necklace for older ladies

Necklaces are one of the best allies when it comes to creating an elegant set for a stylish woman, the range of possibilities in this regard is very wide.

Usually, an oversized vintage jewelry is recommended for cocktail styles and an elongated necklace for everyday wear. There are other options available on the market, which have the same visual impact as real jewelry, handed down from generation to generation, and you don't have to break the bank if you don't want to.

Let's take a look at some examples for inspiration:


Necklace Graduated Akoya Pearls

You probably would have guessed from the beginning that we would be recommending pearls any day now. But, we can agree that they wear very well, practically without you having to make much effort.

Their elegant luster and their association with wisdom make pearls a favorite choice in necklaces for older ladies.

You will see, for example, this stunning necklace with selected Akoya pearls and magnetic clasp. It is perfect for any occasion and can be the key piece in any elegant lady's set.


Necklace Gold Oval Pink Sapphire & Pave Diamonds

For those who like a more conservative style, but with a touch of sparkle, gold pendants with a center gemstone can be a piece made to order.

Eye-catching gems like this beautiful center pink sapphire, surrounded by diamonds, are very easy to combine and look great in almost any composition.


Religious Symbols

Religious symbols are a great way to show our devotion and dress up, and this category is one of the best when it comes to jewelry for women over 60.

Jewelry that you can wear all day long, from a religious ceremony to a conference, at home or taking a walk outside. Their versatility is unique, being able to empower your entire style no matter the context.

Take as a reference this brilliant ruby and diamond cross, in 18 karat solid gold or this beautiful Our Lady of Guadalupe medal with sapphires. Two elegant pieces of jewelry for any occasion.



3. Bracelets, one of the best jewelry for the mature woman

With bracelets we have it very easy, at least more than with the rest of the garments, since there are classic options that go very well with any age range.

One piece of jewelry in the "buy today and wear forever" category, perfect for dressing any woman throughout her life, could be a tennis bracelet. Diamonds work particularly well, although you have the option of choosing an alternative in a color palette that catches your eye or suits your style.

The great thing about the tennis cut is that it's somewhere in between, right between casual and dressy. You can get inspired by some of our most iconic jewelry in this category:


4. Earrings for the mature woman

We can go through the day without a necklace or maybe a bracelet, but earrings are something else.

A good pair of earrings is a smart way to frame the face, and so we can do without a bit of excess makeup, show off our wonderful skin and natural look. One that is flawless with everything and the passage of time.

There is a particular group of elements preferred by older ladies, among them pearls, elongated pieces with a touch of crystalline color and cabochons.

Let's take a look at some inspirational proposals:


Pearl accents.

As mentioned before, pearls look fantastic on their own, there is no need to make a whole outfit around them.

This kind of versatility is what we look for in an older woman: one that can serve her in multiple settings, comfortable to wear, and goes well with the elegance and wisdom that comes with age.

Note these individual pearls with and without diamond embellishments for a little added sparkle. They have a classic and timeless look that is very appealing.


Dazzling elongated crystals

If we're thinking of a style worthy of showing off for a special event, weekend outing or cocktail gathering, nothing beats a pair of elongated style earrings.

Soft colored crystals are exceptionally good and, although they require a bit of imagination to match them appropriately with the outfit, they are a show of evergreen elegance that should not be overlooked.

Quartzes are perfect for creating this effect and you should consider including at least one in your collection.


Classic earring for mature woman

More polished cuts are a safe bet to empower the everyday style of a woman who is over 50.

This is due to the subtle elegance they convey, with an attractive, sophisticated shine and delicate aesthetic. A natural beauty that can be accentuated with timeless diamonds.

A good example of this can be this pair of earrings. One features two polished onyx stones and two white agates, on a handmade 18K solid gold base. On the other side, a pair of sapphires in a challenging smooth brilliant cut that maximizes the depth of color.

Two winning pieces that contextualize very well this category of accessories for the older lady.


Additional tips for choosing and wearing the best old lady jewelry

We have already talked at length about the quintessential top jewelry for an elegant and classy old lady. Now, let us give you some additional tips that we have accumulated in our long experience advising our older ladies to choose stunning jewelry:

  1. Go for classic and timeless jewelry such as a pearl necklace or diamond earrings as a first choice as they never go out of style and will give you a sophisticated air.

  2. Choose jewelry that matches your skin tone. If you have warm skin, for example, yellow gold will flatter you. For cooler skin tones, try white gold or silver.

  3. Play with the size of your jewelry. A large piece can be the center of attention, but don't overdo it. A bold necklace or statement earrings will do.

  4. Adapt your jewelry to each occasion. Save the more elaborate pieces for special events and wear more subtle pieces in your everyday life.

  5. Watch your proportions. If you wear a large necklace, opt for small earrings. If your earrings are the protagonist, choose a discreet necklace.

  6. Don't skimp on quality. Good quality jewelry not only lasts longer, but also elevates any look.

  7. Go bold with color. A few colorful gems can liven up a neutral outfit.

  8. Think about your face shape when choosing earrings. Long earrings stylize round faces, while short earrings flatter elongated faces.

  9. Look at your neckline when choosing necklaces. A short one looks great with high necklines, while long ones go well with low necklines.

  10. Rediscover brooches. They can add a chic touch to a jacket, scarf or even a hat.

The truth is that age does not define the style that a woman wants and can wear, but in certain cases, some pieces adapt wonderfully to the idea of the outfit that is intended to be achieved through them. What makes all these options special is their poise and ability to stand out and become relevant within their own context.

If you need help or guidance on which one to choose, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you in your search of the best fine, and elegant jewelry for older women.



  • How can someone over 60 continue to rock jewelry and look stylish?

    Rocking jewelry after turning 60 is a fantastic way to maintain your sense of style and elegance. The key is to keep it sophisticated and timeless. Go for classic, versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched in different ways. Think pearls, yellow gold, diamonds, and silver, as these are timeless investments that can take you from day to night.

    Experiment with different styles by mixing vintage with modern. Choose jewelry that fits your lifestyle and comfort. Remember, less is more, so a few elegant statement pieces will do the trick!

  • What's the most commonly worn piece of jewelry across the world?

    The most worn piece of jewelry can vary depending on culture, region, and current trends. However, rings are generally one of the most popular and widespread forms of jewelry. Engagement and wedding rings, in particular, are worn globally and often hold emotional and symbolic value. Earrings are also incredibly popular, as they can instantly elevate any outfit with a touch of style and glamour.

  • How many pieces of jewelry should a woman wear at once?

    The general recommendation for women is to stick to the "less is more" principle. Instead of piling on multiple pieces, opt for a few carefully selected statement items. Consider balance and proportion when pairing your jewelry. For instance, if you're wearing a large, bold necklace, pair it with simple, small earrings. Or, if you don a statement bracelet, keep the rings and necklace delicate and minimal.

  • How do I know what type of jewelry looks best on me?

    Finding the jewelry that flatters you the most depends on a mix of factors, including your skin tone, hair and eye color, and personal style. When it comes to skin tone, determine whether you lean towards warm, cool, or neutral undertones.

    Those with warm undertones often have a golden or bronzed appearance, and they are complemented by golden metals and warm-toned gems like amber, ruby, or topaz. Cool undertones present as more pink or blue-hued, and silver metals with cool-toned gems like sapphire, emerald, or diamond are a stunning match. Neutral undertones are a mix of both, and you lucky folks can pull off a wide range of colors and metals!


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