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The best jewelry to wear this Halloween

on October 31, 2023

Halloween is a celebration that has been observed for over two thousand years every October 31st, on the eve of the Western Christian celebration of "All Saints' Day" on November 1st, which traditionally commemorates Christian saints, faithful departed, and martyrs.

In medieval England, "Hallow" meant "saint," and according to tradition, as early as 500 B.C., Celtic communities in Ireland, Scotland, and other parts of Europe moved the "All Saints' Day" celebration to the previous night as a sign of the end of summer and the beginning of winter. Popular belief held that the spirits of the deceased returned to their homes that night to reunite with their loved ones and be reborn after death.

Today, Halloween celebrations have spread worldwide and offer people an opportunity to dress up and showcase their spookiest looks. Jewelry is an ideal complement for this night of magic and style, where everyone aims to stand out with the best, most creative, and eye-catching costumes.


Thematic Rings:

Rings never go out of style and are a timeless classic. Halloween is particularly associated with a gothic style, making skull rings perfect for the occasion. You can opt for pieces with precious stone inlays in red and black, adding that touch of mystery and elegance to your style. Other shapes like snakes and spiders are also ideal for this occasion. Snake rings are synonymous with elegance and mysticism, making them perfect for a Halloween outfit, but they can be worn all year round for any occasion. There are simple models, until others more elaborate with black gemstones like spinel or onyx.

Onyx is a precious stone with shades ranging from black to reddish, with some white bands. It belongs to a dark agate variety that is somewhat hard to find, making its inclusion in any piece of jewelry highly valuable. Traditional spider-shaped rings are a must to complement any costume. You can choose a silver model to match your outfit or perhaps a more sophisticated model with gold, diamonds, or precious stones. Colors like green, red, dark blue, gray, and gradients are perfect for this occasion.



Earrings Variety:

Earrings, regardless of the terminology used around the world, are undoubtedly one of the most important and widely used accessories, not only by women but also by men. Halloween is the perfect excuse to dare to wear extravagant earrings or dangling hoops that may not be as suitable during other times of the year.

Currently, the trend of Ear Cuff earrings is making waves, and they are likely to be a hot topic on Halloween. Ear Cuff earrings are attached to the ear without the need for piercings and are so versatile and practical that they have become a favorite among accessory lovers. Skulls, pirates, pumpkins, crosses, ghosts – these are just some of the figures that can be worn on this night. Button-style designs are quite lightweight and comfortable and add elegance to your look or costume. These small earrings can be worn in a series and combined with various materials and textures. Oval gemstones, diamond inlays, and sapphires work well in these small models.

Rings and Hoops also play a significant role in complementing a somewhat eerie look. Playing with sizes, using different diameters if you have multiple ear piercings, can be the perfect focal point. It's also essential to consider the material of the hoops; gold-plated ones add brightness and shine to the look, and if they also incorporate pearls, they give a sense of movement. Cross-shaped earrings with pendants are an ideal alternative to complement costumes such as ghosts, nuns, or tormented souls. If they also feature sparkling diamonds and sapphires, the glow effect in your look is enhanced.



Allusive bracelets:

If there's a versatile accessory that can be worn by everyone, regardless of age or style, it's bracelets. Even the youngest can sport these pieces that provide comfort and add freshness and dynamism to any outfit combination, especially if it's a Halloween outfit. Like rings and earrings, bracelets for this celebration refer to the theme of the deceased, mysticism, and spookiness. Bracelets with skull and ghost charms are favorites because they are striking and suitable for the occasion. You can find snap bracelets or elastic bracelets made of white gold with diamonds, rose gold or gold, rubies, emeralds, and other combinations with precious stones.



Extravagant necklaces:

To complete a truly eerie and dark look, you must add a necklace to your chosen attire. A multicolored necklace with a combination of lush gemstones can be perfect for any costume. You can also opt for necklaces with large Halloween-themed charms, especially crosses with stone inlays or distinctive shapes like snakes, spiderwebs, or pumpkins. A necklace is undoubtedly an excellent gift if you want to make a Halloween gesture to someone. Long or short, simple or with additional elements that add movement and shine, this accessory captures all the attention in any combination.




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