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The best engagement rings for active women | Ultimate guide

on June 08, 2023

An engagement ring should be just like your ideal partner, tailored to you in all the factors that matter. If this wonderful jewelry will be for a woman with a busy lifestyle, it is important to choose an engagement ring for active lifestyles.

engagement rings for active women

The importance of this choice lies in its meaning that goes beyond a luxurious and shiny detail on the fingers, they are the living proof of a love story, an eternal promise frozen in time.


To take it off is to risk losing it and wearing it with you can always put it in danger, so how do we solve this?

The solution is simple, we will give a tour of the most important aspects of durability, once you have taken them into account you will have a very good idea of how compatible your engagement ring is with your active lifestyle.



The first thing to keep in mind when choosing an engagement ring for an active lifestyle is the type of setting. The setting of the ring is the part that holds the gemstone in place like a gentle gentleman's embrace of his special damsel, so the better the stone is "embraced" the more secure it will be.

Depending on the type of grip sometimes sacrifices a little of the brilliance of the diamond or gemstone as the amount of light it receives may be less, on the other hand, the more covered designs have less exposed edges that can get "caught" on surfaces such as clothing, hair, gloves or work tools (eye doctors, physical trainers, dressmakers ...).

That the ring is more prone to getting stuck in inopportune places is the perfect scenario for an unintentional tug of the wrist to break the grip and tragedy strikes: the loss of a diamond.



Among the three settings for engagement rings, the claw or prong stands out. Having a shape similar to a pincer, it is the most prone to snag on any surface, although resistant, these can bend and break if the wearer works it too hard.

The most common models have between 2 and 8 grips, some very delicate and others more robust, these with the intention of maximizing the entry of light into the stone.



Dotted channels and very small pavé type settings are quite a bit more secure than claws and much more recommended for active women. These small caps or mini prongs leave quite a bit of the diamonds or other types of stones exposed so their brilliance is still very good, being less prone to snagging.

Although of course, being less prone to snagging does not mean they are all-terrain, they also require a little love, if they get hit too hard it is possible to lose some of the grip (or the metal cap depending on the design) making it possible to lose a stone in the process.



Bezels, like the flush setting, are a kind of mount that covers the wider contour of a gemstone. The bevels are designed for durability and have no sections or interruptions, allowing for wider coverage and less susceptibility to snagging on undesirable objects or textures.


In contrast, bezels allow less light to pass through to the stone by covering the sides and back, although the refraction of the front (the light filtering through from above) remains intact so the diamond or stone will sparkle modestly, but it will sparkle.


The best engagement ring setting for an active lifestyle

The best engagement ring setting for an active lifestyle is undoubtedly the bezel setting. This type of ring will look luxurious and special on your or your partner's left hand as much as any setting, slightly sacrificing sparkle for maximum durability and standing up to your busy lifestyle with you.


Height of the ring

A good engagement ring for an active woman is one that stumbles very little or not at all with its surroundings, this usually depends on the height. A stone that is too tall - common in claw or center gem designs - often causes the hand to get stuck in tight places or scrape against surfaces when you are engaged in activities that require a lot of hand movement such as carpentry, mechanics and handling technological parts.

In addition to the inconvenience of hitting the engagement ring, that movement of the jewel to hit the surfaces can hurt the fingers unintentionally and this will not be the fault of the design if not the incompatibility with daily activities.

In this case we have two options or risk to do without the engagement ring on a daily basis or choose a more suitable design.


What height would be good: Designs with details

Rings with elongated details and evenly distributed along the piece are one of the most ideal alternatives, this design may not be especially classic, but it is precisely in its modernity where the magic hides, they are much safer and practical for the target lifestyle of its wearer.


This is not to say that it is impossible to get a center stone, only that it should have the lowest possible height, so cathedral designs will be reserved for women whose hands are destined for little work.


Precious metals

Precious metals also play a key role in the choice of engagement ring in addition to price, each metal has a hardness rating that is directly proportional to its durability and how well it will withstand the onslaught of day-to-day wear.

Gold is an extremely fragile and soft metal, thats why it is always mixed in some portions with other alloys to make it much more stable, this is seen in the amount of carats. 24 karat is a completely pure gold, while a 12 karat gold is half gold and half another alloy.

Why is this of interest to us? The lower the karat, the more resistant the ring tends to be, an ideal amount ranges between 14 and 18 carats, as far as yellow and rose gold are concerned, of the two, rose gold is the most resistant.

White gold on the other hand is usually natural gold mixed with different elements, such as nickel, they are also usually coated with rhodium, this coverage can be easily renewed every couple of years in jewelry, leaving the piece as new.

Finally, we would have platinum, the rarest and scarcest of jewelry metals, but the most resistant of all.


The best engagement ring metal for active lifestyles: Platinum

Platinum has an elegant shine and is by far more resistant than gold and rhodium. Known to be the best metal for composing engagement rings for active lifestyles, followed by white gold, rose gold and finally yellow gold.


What would be the ideal size?

Care should be taken with prongs, corners and asymmetrical elements when it comes to gem cutting, Why? Simple, sides that protrude in point or with pronounced ends are more prone to knocking, chipping or snagging improperly if subjected to the wrong environments.


To avoid this, simply choose round, oval or baguette cut pieces that are properly protected. This is not a rule that should be followed to extremes, but it is a good starting point as far as design in general is concerned.


The Gemstone

Diamonds are the favorite stone to make up classic engagement rings, but when it comes to new trends in engagement rings, we have noticed that this is changing rapidly.

This opens up a sea of possibilities in colors and types of gemstones to experiment with, but there is something we need to know from the start. Not all gemstones are equally shock resistant.

Below the diamond on the resistance scale is the sapphire and ruby, which despite being only one place lower are almost 4 times less resistant.

Depending on the level of activity, diamond is a safer and more resistant choice.

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