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Second marriage engagement ring

on June 08, 2023
Second marriage engagement ring

A marriage is a special moment, which deserves all the celebrations, romance and symbols of love that characterize it, no matter if it is the first or the tenth. This includes of course the selection of a beautiful second wedding/engagement ring that identifies the couple.

But as an excellent opportunity to do it right a second time, many doubts may arise about the rules of the game.

So today, we have prepared a content with everything you should know about second time around wedding rings.


Second marriage engagement ring etiquette

First of all, it is important to understand that a second marriage deserves all the adventure and excitement (or even more) than the first one. Planning the wedding and choosing a good ring should be just as you and your partner decide.

Over time, the old traditions having to do with marriage have become much more flexible and when it comes to a second ring, there really are no labels separating it from a first.

Although this time, you and your new partner are likely to be more mature, experienced, financially secure and better able to recognize your own tastes.
Understanding that there are no rules written in stone, it may be appropriate to keep in mind that:


In terms of investment:

A 2nd marriage wedding rings is usually above the value of the first one. It is understandable, with a little more stable adult life and years of experience, the perception of a valuable jewel changes.


As for the design

It can become frowned upon if your engagement ring is styled identically or very similarly to your previous proposals that remind you of old relationships.
This time, you have the opportunity to challenge the preconceived ideas of engagement and take a gamble to suit your tastes or those of your special someone.


As for your other rings

Don't wear or carry your rings from other relationships into your current one.
A new marriage is a new beginning and while your past experiences will always remain in your heart, your current partner may not be comfortable with sharing someone else's space or symbol.


What Makes an Engagement Ring for Second Marriages Better?

The wonderful thing about getting a 2nd wife ring is that you are probably both mature enough to talk freely about tastes and expectations in a potential engagement.

If you don't feel attached to the imposition of a diamond, don't be afraid to choose a beautiful colored gemstone. If classic designs are not your style, explore vintage alternatives.

Remember that a beautiful engagement ring is a timeless and intimate piece of jewelry that its wearer will have for a long time, so the main guideline has to be personal taste.


Who pays for it?

Nowadays, all these old gender roles about who should and who should not pay for certain things in a relationship or in a potential engagement are becoming more and more obsolete.

Normally, if a mature couple in their second marriage embarks on the acquisition of a new ring, it is common for both to be somewhat involved in assuming the investment. This, moreover, can be seen as a symbolic gesture: the first valuable joint acquisition in the relationship.

Not only does this allow the freedom to acquire a truly dazzling piece of high quality, but it also gives free rein to the imagination, giving greater scope in terms of possible designs.


How should it be delivered?

There is no limitation on a second proposal. Assuming you have decided to keep it a secret to prepare a big surprise (good for you for going big) you now have enough experience to prepare a great presentation.

Focus on your partner's particular tastes and plan a romantic proposal. Don't skimp on your efforts to surprise someone you really love just for the sake of a black-tie supposition.

Surprises are always welcome. Of course, you must first make sure that you have completely dissolved all traces of your old relationships or past engagements.


Unique engagement rings for second marriage

In short, a second marriage is the perfect opportunity to start over, but with more tools now that you know what you want and what you don't want in your new relationship.

Use that to choose a new ring, a new wedding, a new life that will make you and your partner truly happy.

There aren't many protocols that can be imposed on you regarding how you should make your new commitment, beyond what you feel is right. If you need some examples to inspire you, here are some popular proposals among our clients:





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