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Red gemstones | The power of jewelry's most desired gems

on November 26, 2023

Red is one of the most striking and expressive colors in the entire color wheel and in jewelry it has a special meaning that dates back to ancient times. Red gemstones are associated with a variety of emotions and feelings, such as love and passion, and at the same time with strength and power.


type of garnets

Red gems are quite well known and sought after in the jewelry market.  For example, ruby, garnet and coral are used daily to make red jewels. 

Being such a versatile color, it can be used in many jewelry styles, as it is perfect for elegant or special occasions, but it also works to add a touch of color to any everyday look.


Ruby is one of the most frequently mentioned red crystals names in the world. It is a reddish gemstone whose name comes from the Latin word rubĕus, which translates red. Along with diamonds, emeralds and sapphires, it is considered one of the four most important gemstones.

Its hue varies from deep red to dark red, with brown, orange, purple and even pinkish hues. 

It has a hardness of 9 according to the Mohs scale, which places it in the top of the hardest gemstones, only surpassed by diamond. They have great resistance to corrosion and a crystalline luster that varies according to its composition.

The history of the Ruby dates back to the Greek and Egyptian Courts, where wearing a jewel net was a symbol of elegance and power.  By about 200 BC, rubies were moved from China to the West, thanks to the Silk Road. In Western and Eastern cultures, rubies were used to adorn high priests and warriors.

Since ancient times, the ruby has been attributed with protective properties over its wearers. During the Middle Ages, it was customary for the swords of knights fighting in war to be adorned with these red stones. 

By the nineteenth century, these gems were already recognized as symbols of love and passion, largely because of their particular color similar to the heart or blood.

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Red Garnet

Garnet has been used since the Bronze Age as a gemstone and its name is derived from the Latin word granatum, which refers to the appearance and color similar to the grains of the fruit called pomegranate.  

It belongs to the silicate group and has a hardness on the Mohs scale of 7.

This is one of the few red gemstones not ruby, which are positioned within the list of the most desirable every year. Only the rarest ones have the privilege of being turned into ranges, and the rest are widely used within the industry thanks to its abundant properties.

It is composed of various minerals such as almandine, pyrope, andradite and spessartine and is valued for its intense hue. 

In jewelry, it is generally used to bring a touch of vibrant color to accessories, in engagement rings, for example, in earrings, necklaces or bracelets. It can also be the central stone of a piece in combination with other gems.

If we talk about properties, it is attributed healing qualities for the body and spirit. It is related to vitality and strength, and also with feelings of love and passion.

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Coral stone has captivated jewelry lovers for years for its red color and its natural characteristics. Unlike other gems, coral is not a mineral element found in mines or deposits, but a marine structure formed by organisms called polyps. 

Polyps are skeletons that release calcium carbonate, and over years and gradually form what is known as coral structure, from which coral is obtained.

These formations can be found in the waters of the Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. 

The coasts of Japan, Australia and the Caribbean are famous for the quality of the corals they offer. Depending on the geographical area and natural conditions, coral can have unique characteristics in terms of color and texture.

Coral is a red stone name that has gained great popularity among jewelry collectors because of its beautiful and intense visual patterns.

Historically, it has been associated with good luck and health, as well as being a symbol of vitality and an amulet against bad energies. It is believed to have properties that help regulate emotions and promotes balance with the natural world.

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Also known as Rubellite, it is one of the dark red gemstones that can go unnoticed or remain under the shadow of other more famous gemstones such as Ruby. It is a very versatile gemstone to work in jewelry because it receives all types of cuts, which makes it ideal for the elaboration of any accessory.

The red tourmaline is mostly found in Brazil and in different areas of Africa, and it can be found in practically all colors, from colorless to black stones. The most famous are green tourmalines, but red tourmalines have gained ground in jewelry as a more affordable option to ruby.

It is associated with the power of the heart and is attributed with emotional healing properties. Some even believe it helps with the body's energy balance and enhances sexual activity. 

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