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Real leaf jewelry | Inspired by Nature

on June 08, 2023


Nature inspires many of the best jewelry works, creating in its wake all kinds of trends that are able to conquer everyone's heart. A quite popular type of design that we will talk about today is the real leaf jewelry.

You can find all kinds of models in this category and they are born from multiple techniques that will depend on the style of the brand that brings them to the world, all beautiful of course.

Some prefer real leaves made with precious materials to integrate very realistic accessories, others go for models that are inspired by the authentic delicacy of autumn and spring leaves to produce works with an incredible amount of details.

Let's take a look.


Some context... Why leaves?

Taking inspiration from real leaves when choosing accessories is a safe bet. Why? Quite simply: easily recognizable shapes catch the eye and, if associated with pleasing elements, add extra visual impact, detail or personality to any set.

This applies to all types of jewelry, so it is very common (and useful) to have at least one accessory in the closet with visible symbolism that identifies us.

The love of nature is common for anyone who appreciates the beauty in subtle details, art and the like. Thus, real leaf jewelry achieves that timeless and harmonious touch that characterizes it.


 Let's see some examples: A beautiful leaf earrings

Imitating real leaves in jewelry is often used in earrings, because they add a subtle, refined yet fun detail. This helps balance two style perspectives that may be considered opposites.

If to a striking and powerful concept you incorporate original materials, in a well cared distribution, with a balanced color palette, you can create a really elegant and durable accessory.

To take care of the shapes or figures, which are the basis of this design style, you can use Emerald diamonds that have deep, geometric internal patterns that are very well defined, making anyone get more beauty as they look closer.


More attention to detail: A ring double leaf

Leaves can be part of a central design without necessarily standing alone or being an individual symbol.

If the overall aesthetic of the piece is taken care of, so that the shape you want to represent is well understood, the sky is the limit. The herringbone leaf design is extremely eye-catching and elegant.

The concept is well suited to all types of pieces, but when combined with double leaf rings, it produces an effect that slims the fingers and completely beautifies the hands. In this way, you can create complex outfits with great personality without having to combine a hundred accessories.


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