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Pregnancy wedding ring

on June 16, 2023

Contemplating the idea of bringing a new life into the world makes pregnancy one of the most rewarding experiences, although the process itself brings with it great changes, some very difficult to handle.

Pregnancy wedding ring

With hormones at their most inclement you never know what to expect, but a fairly common occurrence is swelling of the hands and feet.

This isn't usually considered a problem until you suddenly can't take off or put on your jewelry. With that in mind, pregnancy wedding rings may be a workable solution which we will discuss below.


Fake wedding rings for pregnancy

Wedding rings are intimate and sentimental pieces that we usually keep close. However, there are times when wearing a wedding ring during pregnancy can be a daunting task considering how pregnancy affects our bodies.

While each pregnancy is unique and not all cases are the same, the swelling of the hands can cause a ring to become soldered to the finger, causing pain and great discomfort and if you remove it in time, it probably won't fit again in a few months.

Not being able to wear this beautiful symbol of great emotional value can leave a small and uncomfortable void, even more so with feelings running high. This is undoubtedly what has made surrogate rings such a popular trend.


What are pregnancy wedding rings?

Pregnancy rings or pregnancy wedding bands are symbolic jewelry that are worn as temporary substitutes until after the baby is born, while your finger size returns to normal.

These jewels are one or several sizes larger than the original and need not necessarily be expensive.

With a baby on the way, the last thing you want to do is over-invest or risk permanently changing the size of your current wedding band and then not being able to wear it.


Benefits of a pregnancy ring

The gentle touch of a piece of jewelry you're used to can be comforting in times of stress, and with so many emotions to process, feeling like there's some normalcy around you is therapeutic.

In a more technical sense, there are several benefits to using a surrogate ring:



Replacement Rings During Pregnancy are usually comfortable, low-profile, low-inlay bands that are created from silicone or precious metals such as silver or low-carat white gold for durability.



A replacement band is for temporary use and will make a wonderful keepsake that doesn't have to be very expensive, with substitute metals and stones.
After all, you will surely have invested a lot in your engagement ring, so it wouldn't make sense to do it all over again on a temporary piece of jewelry.


Avoid soldering

As the weeks go by the size of your fingers can change abruptly, if you don't take the necessary precautions in time it is possible that it will be very difficult to remove the ring afterwards. A replacement ring ensures that you will not have to spend countless hours and suffering to remove your jewelry stuck between your fingers.


Skin care

Some women experience allergies and extra skin sensitivity during pregnancy. A hypoallergenic ring can reduce the number of irritations.



Considering the emotional and sometimes financial value an engagement or wedding ring can have, constant wear becomes a threat to its durability. A replacement ring allows moms-to-be to extend the life of their beautiful symbols of true love.


A beautiful keepsake

A pregnancy ring is a wonderful addition to your birth scrapbook, eventually becoming part of all those memories lived during one of the most beautiful times for a proud mother-to-be.
At the end of the sweet wait: How to make my wedding ring fit after pregnancy.
The action of giving birth takes a lot of strain on a mother's body, but it's usually just a matter of time before things get back to normal.

Almost all women return to their ring size within a few weeks of giving birth, so be patient and let the natural process take its course.

If you have waited long enough and your wedding ring still does not fit after pregnancy, you may need to bring it to a professional to evaluate a resizing. This is not common, but it is a possibility.


Looking for a pregnancy ring to buy?

We can provide you with a catalog of affordable replacement rings, which will be very comfortable and will make you look beautiful and elegant during pregnancy, you can count on our guidance and help whenever you need it.

by Casey Lieberman on May 15, 2023

Looking for ring to wear during pregnancy

by Maria Wrigley on May 15, 2023

Can I have a catalogue of affordable replacement rings as am pregnant and don’t want to have to cut my rings off or stop wearing something.


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