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Organic design: Jewelry inspired by nature

on November 22, 2023

Design trends in jewelry are not static and feed from other areas such as painting, architecture, fashion and clothing design, to create innovative proposals. One of these proposals is organic design, a term that has become popular within the jewelry market mainly thanks to the accessory collections that are launched at specific times of the year, such as autumn or spring.

Jewelry inspired by nature

What is organic design?

Organic design is a trend that seeks inspiration from nature in all its forms, to create functional products that are in balance with the natural habitat and connect in some way with mother earth. It is estimated that the organic contemporary design emerged in the twentieth century around the decade of the 30s, in the specific branch of architecture and home design.

Its creator was the architect and interior designer Frank Lloyd Wright, who considered architecture as a means to balance the created world with the natural world. Lloyd was dedicated to seeking harmony between people and nature in his work, and he expressed this through the use of soft, rounded forms and finishes, together with preferably natural materials.

The organic style has been adopted by various branches of art such as architecture, sculpture, fashion and jewelry design, and although it has evolved since its birth, it maintains the link with nature. The influence of organic design ideas has been felt intermittently over the last century, but had a major boom between 1960 and 1990 that placed the modern organic style at the center of all trends.

Characteristics of organic design

Modern organic design has 6 fundamental characteristics that make it stand out and that can be applied to different branches of design.

  1. Natural light and clean lines:

    Modern organic design is characterized by giving great importance to natural light and, depending on the branch of design, for example in interior design, seeks the balance of sunlight with clean lines in the finishes. The organic design bets on open spaces that convey a sense of tranquility and spaciousness.

  2. Functionality:

    The organic style is primarily practical and aims to make life easier for everyone, so it avoids that spaces are overloaded or unnecessary elements. It is based on organic minimalism overexaggerated ornamentation.

  3. Colors associated with the natural:

    It is associated with colors that remind us of the origin, such as grays and whites, browns like wood, ochers, oranges, raw and green tones found in nature.

  4. Predominance of plants:

    In the organic elements of the design, the intention of integrating the natural in all aspects predominates. There are many ways to incorporate plants in designs, depending on what you want to convey and the type of plant chosen.

  5. Natural materials:

    In organic decorating we prefer materials that transport us to the natural environment and that communicate with sustainability, such as wood, stone, natural fibers such as bamboo or wicker. What is sought with the use of these materials is to create an atmosphere of tranquility, as is nature.

  6. Preference for curved lines:

    As in nature there are no perfect straight lines, and curves predominate, the design organic leans towards curved shapes, although this is not a fixed rule and can be modified. Curved shapes coexist in perfect harmony with angular finishes.

Organic design in jewelry

Organic design applied to jewelry is a trend that is inspired by nature, its shapes and textures, and seeks to recreate the beauty of nature in accessories. It is characterized by natural textures such as the roughness of the stone, the transparency of the crystals and by fluid and curved shapes, which somehow mimic the elements of nature.

The colors are often reminiscent of flowers, fruits or animals. This trend has gained many followers in recent years because consumers increasingly prefer unique pieces, which connect them with nature and convey a message.


Organic jewelry design adapts to many styles, it can result in very sophisticated and elegant jewelry, or in fun and more casual pieces. Accessories inspired by nature can create a minimalist effect on a look or elevate it and make it more eye-catching.

Albert Hern and organic design

At Albert Hern we have really beautiful pieces that capture the subtlety and majesty of nature in different forms. For example, the flower-shaped earrings with gemstones and vibrant colors are perfect if you are looking for an accessory with an organic design:

From different sizes and motifs, with diamonds, transparencies or glitter, when it comes to earrings you have many options to choose from:



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