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Jewelry To Wear With Swimsuits | Your summer style

on June 08, 2023

We would agree that summer is all about letting your skin enjoy the sun to the fullest, wouldn't we, and while looking great is a task for all seasons, this time we'll talk a little bit about Jewelry to wear with swimsuits.

When we wear a swimsuit, it seems like everything we wear is magnified and even the accessories get more attention than ever. That's because there's less to overshadow your jewelry.

Now, let's jump into the water.



Necklaces to wear with swimsuit

There is certainly a wide variety of necklaces to wear with swimsuit, which will represent (jewelry-wise) the centerpiece of any beach, spa or pool outfit.

Among the strongest trends at the beginning of this year we will find pieces in rose or yellow gold, delicate and fine with a variety of details that encourage the curiosity of those who look at them.


As we said before, swimsuits make the garments shine much more, especially those with touches of bright colors. For this reason, the second option of combinations is based on initial letters, medals or small colored gemstone settings that will enhance the personality of the outfit.


You can also find your initial or that special person's initial made of rose, white or yellow gold, plus a lot of combinations with different gemstones (birthstones) in our specialized category of initial necklaces.



What about bracelets and earrings?

When it comes to Jewelry to wear with swimsuits it is important to understand that, despite being pieces that by themselves attract attention, the ideal is to be able to combine them with each other. When it comes to bracelets, the right choices usually revolve around pieces that are practical, full of sparkle and above all an extension of your own personal style.


Now, the earrings. The first thing we will think of when we imagine a combined summer style may be simple earrings, nothing ostentatious but that can be combined with the rest of the outfit.


We must emphasize that, in this context, we should never enter the water with the jewelry because they could get lost. In fact, the idea of wearing some garments with the swimsuit only makes sense if we are aware that we can only wear them while we are out of the water.

Conclusions and final tips

Each piece you wear should relate in harmony, the necklace, ring and earrings should match each other so that by themselves make you look beautiful while sunbathing or walking around the area.


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