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How do I find out her ring size without asking

on June 08, 2023

Let's talk about a topic that has had more than one unsuspecting guy on his hands. But hopefully, today we can help you overcome this stressful situation of how do I find out ring size without her knowing.

Undoubtedly, one of the most difficult activities related to the selection of the ideal engagement ring for a surprise statement, after the selection of the model and type of stone.

Although the task looks very complicated, many brides and grooms have embarked on this beautiful noble and, if you want to do it right, you should only consider these life hacks that we have prepared to help you.


How do I find out her ring size without asking

How to secretly find out her ring size

Many, or rather very many of the lovers who are in search of their ideal engagement ring often ask us the same question: how do I find out her ring size?

There are two possible answers to this question: If she already knows and does not mind discussing it openly, there are several very simple methods to find out anyone's ring size and you can freely apply one of them.

If your girlfriend doesn't know anything about the proposal, in short, what you can do in order of difficulty is:

  1. Be very patient
  2. Get an ally
  3. Use the jewelry your partner already has to your advantage.
  4. Give a decoy as a gift
  5. Make jokes about the rings
  6. Compare with your own hands

Evaluate the implications of each alternative in detail and find the one that best suits your dream proposal. At the end of the article we will be discussing some extra facts that will be very useful for you, so don't miss them.


Be subtle: Be patient

One of the easiest ways to find out her ring size without asking is to pay close attention to her casual conversations. We know, you're a detail-oriented guy and you always listen to her (and if you're not it's time to be). What we really mean is to pay twice as much attention to possible opportunities to divert the topic to planning an engagement or wedding, interesting tidbits of information can surely come up.

Watching wedding planning or related programs together can be a good arena for casual chatter to emerge from which to draw data. The main thing to make this technique work is to be as subtle as possible.

You may be surprised at how much information your partner would be willing to share with you if you feel confident that they are listening carefully.


Get an ally: Mothers and girlfriends are the best

Mom always knows! If your strategies of constant listening with subtle hints aren't working and your patience is starting to wear thin, you may be able to find a good ally.

Your partner's mothers and close friends can be incredible accomplices, as long as you feel comfortable taking the risk of revealing your master plan.

A friendship can simulate a shopping trip and "accidentally" stop by a jeweler to measure rings and ask "Which ones do you like?" "Does this ring fit you?" and find out the ideal size (if they don't already know it).

Even simulating a ring purchase between friends (with their financing) can be a good idea. A birthday is a great opportunity.


Borrow one of her rings: Use your current jewelry box to your advantage

If you are not convinced by the idea of revealing your intentions so as not to risk the surprise factor (which is a big part of the essence of the moment), you should not miss the opportunity to use your partner's current jewelry box to your advantage.

To figure out ring size without her knowing by this means what you should do is to borrow one of her rings for a while, as stealthily as possible. Watch your routine and wait for the perfect opportunity.

By covering the circumference of the ring with a strip of paper and tape you can create a "duplicate". It works the same if you take the ring and with crayon pencil (not ink because you can stain the ring) and draw the outline on a piece of paper.

The age-old technique of pressing a ring into a bar of soap is unorthodox but still works.

Once you have created this "duplicate" of the ring, just download our ring sizing template or go to a jeweler to get the measurement.


The most effective way to use a decoy

If your girlfriend doesn't have any jewelry that you can use to measure, or the one she has is very old and no longer fits (another thing to be careful with), it's a good opportunity for a friend of yours to give her a decoy ring as a gift.

We know it is a risky technique, but from testimonials we know it is possible. A special occasion is a good opportunity to give the gift.


Another option is to arrive with a very simple (and cheap) ring to the house. You can say you found it on the street and make some marks on it to make it look used. Tell her it's cute, she'll try it on for sure.

If she says she doesn't like it, you know what to avoid for a future ring, if she tries it on, you find out her ring size without her knowing.

Of course, this technique works in a casual context. If you think your partner might notice this as unusual behavior from you, don't even try it.


Teasing: The best way to get information out without her noticing

If you think all else is failing, this advanced technique may be for you. If you and your partner are very close (which if you're getting married you should be), having an outing is a great way to provoke a funny situation with which to joke about ring sizes.

There are many ring displays for parties, at costume stores or even inside a jewelry store. If you see huge pieces you can joke that no one would fit a ring that big and if you get the joke, that's it! Perfect opportunity to talk about her fingers and find out her size.

For it to work, you must have full freedom to joke with your partner and create funny situations with which to have a few laughs while getting good information out of them without them noticing.


Desperate measures: Measure the ring on yourself

This strategy is the most advanced, it requires a good eye and great skill, but it's much better than guessing. You can compare your fingers with your partner's and try to mentally determine how different your fingers are from hers.

If she has a ring, you can try it on to verify how far off your own finger it can go. This is something that would easily go unnoticed as a joking behavior and not arouse suspicion.

By locating your own ring size you already have an excellent point of reference. Frequently looking at your partner's hands can be tender and if you have a good eye you can make great estimates.


Some extra data that will be helpful in your search

There are some facts that can be useful when it comes to finding your girlfriend's ring size secretly:

✔️ The top selling women's sizes in the USA for rings are 5 to 7 so trying a number 6 for a woman of average build is a good starting point for a decoy ring.

✔️ Not all engagement rings can be resized, so be careful.

✔️ It is preferable that you choose one size up rather than one size down.

✔️ The fingers of dominant hands are usually slightly thicker, keep this in mind when sizing.

✔️ Your partner has very large knuckles, the measurement you are interested in is that of the knuckles and not the base of the finger.

✔️ Fingers change in thickness depending on physical activity and temperature.

Keep this in mind when taking your measurements and you are sure to be successful.


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