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Green Garnet | What is it and why is it so special?

on November 18, 2023

The green garnet stone belongs to a rather large family of gems, which has a long history of uses in jewelry and as a spiritual support. There are many properties of green garnet that have been passed down through generations, some associated with physical health and others with emotional and spiritual health.

green garnet

In general, garnets have different characteristics and colors, but their properties are similar and they are all of crystalline structure.  The glassy luster that characterizes green garnets is extremely particular and beautiful, so these stones are highly sought after in the world.

They can be found in different parts of the world, such as Kenya and Tanzania, in Russia, India and Sri Lanka, depending on their species.


Why is Green Garnet Special?

Green garnet is a gemstone that has been used since ancient times. The chemical composition of these gemstones is among the most complex in existence, with intermediate series between the extremes resulting in an exquisite variability of all.

Although red garnet is among the most famous in jewelry, green garnet jewelry is highly valued for its beauty and brilliance. 

The light transmitting properties that this stone possesses, makes it ideal for working in jewelry such as rings, earrings, necklaces, etc., also the variable chemical composition that it presents, influences its hardness and its choice to be incorporated in different accessories.

There are many gemstones that are subjected to external treatments to improve their appearance. In the case of garnets, no treatment is applied, so their color is 100% natural. This characteristic gives them a special plus over other gemstones.

In addition to its physical beauty, the spiritual significance of green garnet is a determining factor for it to be considered a special gemstone. Traditionally, it is associated with spiritual regeneration and is used as an amulet to attract abundance, health and joy.

The healing properties of green garnet, were once a reason for worship. Hence the custom of calling it the gem of health.

On an emotional level it is often used for mental fog and to promote self-esteem and confidence. It is believed that the green garnet stone, motivates passion and will. Something that makes it very special.

It is related to the heart and root chakra, so in some cultures it is believed to help in love relationships and bring protection and security to those who wear it. It brings new romances and supposed success in negotiations.


Types of green garnets

There are several types of green garnets that completely rule the high-end professional jewelry scene, each one better than the other. Among them, 3 stand out:


Tsavorite Garnet

It was discovered in Tanzania in 1967 and belongs to the variety of green grosularia garnet, very well known and used in jewelry. Its emerald green color is a consequence of the traces of chromium and vanadium in its composition. The intensity of the tone makes it sometimes confused with real emeralds. 

Its name comes from the "Tsavo" national park on the border between Kenya and Tanzania, where it was discovered. So far, there is no other place in the world where this type of green garnets is found.

It is one of the most exotic and beautiful gems in the world and we have talked about it in depth in another article.


Grossular Garnet

Grossularia is the multicolored variety of Garnets.  The pure gem is colorless, but the impurities of its composition produce an extensive catalog of colors among which green stands out. 

Of the Grossular garnets, the greenish-yellow Hessonite is one of the best known and most commercialized. Hessonite is also known as cinnamon stone because of its dark yellow color.  

Hydrogrosularia is another variety of green garnet that is similar to jade because of its dense and opaque tone.  And finally there is leuco garnet, whose chemical composition makes the shade of green almost colorless.


Demantoid Garnet

This green garnet stone is an andradite variety of a bright green tone, which can sometimes be combined with more yellow tones and is considered one of the favorites of the garnet family for jewelry. 

The demantoid comes in the form of crystals and of different sizes that can measure up to 2 centimeters. At some point in history this crystal seemed to be forgotten, but the reactivation of mining in Russian territory in 1991 and the discovery of new deposits in other latitudes renewed interest in this gem.


Green Garnet as an investment

Green garnet is in great demand, especially for its color. Thanks to its hardness and light refracting capacity, it is widely used for precious gemstone jewelry and is a good choice for investment. The purer the gemstone is, the higher its commercial value increases.


Where to buy Green Garnets?

Green garnet stones can be purchased in different places, in the case of looking for jewelry with garnet, you can get a great variety in prestigious jewelry houses such as Albert Hern where you can find for example, pieces such as:

Similar Stones

Red garnet is very similar to ruby and can be a good choice to substitute it for a cost issue. In the case of green garnets, the most similar stones are emerald, which can be confused with Tsavorite Garnet because of its similar color, and the green tourmaline, which is similar to the grosularia garnet stone.

The options can extend to infinity, and you can consult all these variants in our catalog specialized in colored gems, handmade with high quality craftsmanship and 100% natural materials of ethical origin, full of symbolism to crystallize your best moments forever.


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