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Fake engagement rings for travel | Should You Wear Them?

on November 26, 2023

Engagement or wedding rings are pieces of great sentimental and material value that should be taken care of in a special way. For this reason, it is best not to take them on long trips or vacations where there is a risk of losing or damaging them. If it is an adventure or exploration trip, the rings should be left at home in a safe place.

Fake engagement rings for travel

For example, if it is a beach destination, the sea, sand and weather conditions can affect the appearance of the ring, and there is always the risk of being a victim of theft and no one wants to live that experience.

What are false wedding rings?

Fake wedding rings or faux engagement rings are a replacement option for the real ring that can be used in different occasions. Its function is to provide security to people who want to protect their jewelry from any loss or damage.  

A fake engagement ring can be the solution for a trip of many days.

In the jewelry market you can find a great variety of fake engagement rings for travel, of different prices and styles, generally quite affordable, since they are not usually made of very expensive materials, due to its function of being a replacement jewelry.

Travel engagement rings can be found in halo, emerald, princess and many other styles. 

They can be compared already made or have them made with the desired details so that they are the most similar to the real ring.  They are an excellent choice if you do not want to lose that symbol of your love relationship while you are away from home.

They are a convincing and more economical way to let others know that you are engaged or married, without compromising the real ring. There are even single women who choose to wear engagement ring dupes to feel more confident at social gatherings or events. Similarly, many newlywed couples wear fake wedding rings for their honeymoon trip.

Why are they good choices?

As we have already described above, fake wedding rings or faux engagement rings are a good alternative for many reasons. Here you can find a list of the moments, which are the best option to wear:


On the bachelorette party trip

If you are going to move away from home for the celebration of the bachelorette party, it is ideal that you keep your real ring very well and use a fake engagement ring, which allows you to enjoy the party and you do not have to worry about it.



Long trips and paradise vacations are often the worst enemies of expensive fine jewelry, as these busy environments slowly wear down their luster and appearance.

Not to mention that moving luggage, transferring it to the lodge and back, there is usually a lot of chaos. At least enough for something to get lost.

Whatever the destination, beach, mountain, city, countryside, etc. It is always best not to travel with the actual ring (or any expensive jewelry) for safety and peace of mind.


By public transportation:

Insecurity is a global problem, and if you have to travel by public transportation, cabs or even on foot through the streets, the ideal is to opt for engagement ring dupes. This will give you peace of mind and make your journey safer.


At work:

There are professions in which hands are essential for daily work. For example, cooks, doctors, architects, nurses, mechanics, etc., require to remove their rings to be able to work, which may mean losing it, or in the case of not removing it, they may suffer damages in the work routine. 

In this circumstance it is better to use a fake one or a low-profile temporary replacement.


Best fake engagement rings

Surely you are interested in finding the best fake wedding rings as an option for your next trips. Well, in this section we will talk about the possible jewels you can look for.

The most convenient is to buy the cheapest and most affordable ones, because surely the real ring was already expensive enough. There is a lot of variety on the market and you will have the opportunity to choose the model that best suits your expectations and budget. 

Among the alternatives that are usually chosen stand out:

  • Engagement rings with cubic zirconia.
  • Laboratory diamonds with sterling silver.
  • Heat treated gemstones.
  • Solitaire diamonds with treated glass crystals.
  • Custom imitations with gold plating.

These are options of fake wedding rings or faux engagement rings that are usually ready to buy in most physical retail jewelry stores. 

At Albert Hern we recommend custom rings with original materials, as we do not work with replicas and imitations in any of our materials. Although we can put at your disposal our extensive experience in fine jewelry, to recreate a ring at a lower cost than the original for you or advise you in the process.

Check our catalog of original engagement rings to get an idea of the beautiful pieces we can offer you:



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