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9 Reasons why you should choose a Cushion gemstone ring

on June 08, 2023

Cushion gemstone rings are unique pieces like few others in jewelry. This classic, once one of the most sought-after pieces and has been gaining tremendous popularity in today's market, is without a doubt the favorite vintage option.

There are very good reasons why you might prefer this ring size over any other alternative.

Let's find out together why?

Cushion gemstone ring albert hern

1. Physical properties of the cushion cut How do I identify a good cut?

A cushion cut is a type of square, sometimes slightly rectangular cut, which has as a fixed characteristic very pronounced rounded corners that give it a pillow-like appearance.

This last factor is what differentiates it at a glance from a princess cut.

Unlike other diamond cuts that have very well defined standard properties, there are many ways to cut a beautiful cushion and have it fit within the aesthetically "acceptable" margins.

If we are forced to give you a vague reference measurement, we could say that 60% to 70% depth of cut and 57% to 70% table may be very good to start with.

The most important thing to define if the gem you have in front of you is really good, is to look closely at its internal patterns. If you like how it reflects the brilliance and the design that forms within it as you turn it under the light you have it.

Always take care to have the gemstone appraised by a GIA expert as diamond styles with a fragmented effect (such as crushed ice) can be targets for glass fakes.

How do I know if my diamond is real?


2. Three-stone design with center cushion

Rings with 3-stone designs are symbols of the past, present and future, making them ideal for a declaration of love outside of the conventional solitaire design.

This beautiful luxury ring features a stunning 2.01 carat, G color, SI2 clarity GIA certified center diamond. Which is accompanied by a pair of 0.80 carat Trillion cut side diamonds.

This three-stone design is dazzling up close and looks like a single huge rock gem from a distance.

Being handcrafted in genuine platinum, it is the piece will last a lifetime.


3. Diamond ring with modified brilliant center cushion cut diamond

The more traditional cushion cuts are slightly modest in brilliance, standing out more in other facets, but there is a very peculiar modern cut, known as modified cushion brilliant, which is simply perfect.

Albert Hern makes the most of a brilliant modified cushion cut with excellent cut and symmetry, whose near perfect clarity (VVS1) creates a unique display, accompanied by a raised band made in 18 karat gold and 38 accompanying round diamonds.

This particular design has the perfect layout to include alongside other pieces such as wedding bands and eternity rings in a dazzling luxury set.


4. Aesthetic benefits of cushion cuts

Cushion cut gems have an extremely romantic aesthetic. It is often, by popular belief, the favorite cut of sensitive and dreamy people.

The smoothed edges give it an elegant look and, since there are many ways to cut a good cushion, you will notice that there is a distinct disparity in the brilliance and size of stones with the same weight.

This is because, depending on the style of the cutter, cushions that look smaller from above prioritize sparkle, while larger table cushions seek to appeal with beautiful patterns and seemingly larger size.


5. Cushion Cut Solitaire

The cushion cut has been becoming popular the last few years within solitaire settings, especially in square bezels, as they look a bit out of the norm, though still in the traditional category.

This beautiful solitaire by Albert Hern is crafted in sturdy, lustrous platinum, set with a cushion cut diamond with striking 0.30 carat GIA certified multiple luster patterns, I color and VS2 clarity.

The neutral static makes it the preferred choice for couples looking for a model to wear together.


6. Cushion cut gemstone ring

The cushion cut gemstone ring is the perfect bridge between elegance and eye-catching style. It is shiny, appears to be larger than other cuts of the same weight and has patterns that are inviting to look at.

But, at the same time, its ability to reflect light is not mowing and its rounded edges gives it a subtle aesthetic.

This gem will not announce its presence on your finger loudly, on the contrary, it will sparkle subtly and once noticed, no one will be able to take their eyes off it. That is the style of this particular cut.

Whoever wears a cushion cut ring usually has a more thoughtful and reflective style.


7. Fancy Brown majestic ring with cushion diamond

Beautiful fancy colored gems bring out the full potential of the cushion cut, as they give it that striking effect it needs to attract the eye, without much effort.

This stunning center Fancy Brown Cushion diamond has a total weight of 2.02 carats and features no less than 60 accompanying diamonds. The entire design framed in exquisite 18 karat genuine solid solid gold.

A striking, brilliant and luxurious design that will leave everyone around you stunned. A gift to be completely surrendered to.


8. Cushion cut gemstone ring by Albert Hern

The cushion cut has been a favorite for generations, especially within the Art Deco context and again in the modern era, with the return to fashion of attractive geometric patterns.

However, at Albert Hern we believe that these gems have always been beautiful and completely timeless, even since their predecessor, the Old Mine cut.

Let's take a look at the most stunning cushion cut gemstone rings proposals:


9. Platinum Blue Topaz & Diamonds Platinum Statement Ring & Diamonds

A unique property of the cushion cut in the more classic or vintage designs is that they allow the beautiful color and clarity of the gemstones to show through.

You can take as an example this beautiful blue topaz statement ring by Albert Hern, which is handcrafted in authentic Planito, which holds a beautiful 4.50 carat topaz and 28 diamonds totaling about 1.96 carats.

A cocktail ring that has no weak points, reserved for the most daring and elegant styles.


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