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Aquamarine engagement ring meaning

on June 08, 2023

It's easy to imagine that beautiful aquamarine engagement rings hide great meaning, after all, these beautiful yet uncut gems evoke a mystical crystalline glow that is immediately reminiscent of a calm ocean.

Once the beautiful aquamarines are cut and faceted, jewelry of unique splendor, with a story to tell, can be achieved with them.

Let's take a look at the big secret behind aquamarine engagement rings and the properties that make this gemstone one of the most popular.


Aquamarine engagement ring history

The history of aquamarines is as diverse as civilizations have existed for over 3,000 years. In most cases, aquamarine amulets, which ranged from carved idols to pendants with rough gemstones, were used as a shield against disease, bad energies and evil spirits.

The Romans were one of the first civilizations to popularize the trade of aquamarine as an amulet. Sailors saw in its clear blue tones the power to protect them from storms and bad weather.

Over the years, aquamarine jewelry, or "the gem of the mermaids" as it was also known, was given as a symbol of love to those who set sail, to protect them on their way.

In the Middle Ages, seawater was traded as a potent antidote against poisoning, which made it popular as a gem of royalty.

Eventually, aquamarine became a beautiful candidate as a central gemstone in engagement rings because, evoking tranquility, it was recognized as a symbol of abundance, discernment, transparency and pure love.


Aquamarine meaning marriage

As a symbol of marriage, an aquamarine ring reflects union, trust, tranquility, fidelity and harmony, as well as a latent intention to care for and protect the couple from bad weather.

The name of this gemstone comes from the Latin for "sea water" a term easy to understand just by looking at it. As the best representative of water in gemstones, this type of engagement ring points towards feelings of clarity and purification.

This is an especially good ring to reflect that its wearer has been like a peaceful calm in the midst of a stormy sea. Can anything be more romantic than that?
When someone gives an aquamarine ring as a gift, it betrays, even without knowing it, that he or she is expecting a commitment based on pure love.


Properties of aquamarine

Aquamarines belong to the beryl family, which makes them relatives of Emeralds and Morganites. This means that aquamarines are not the hardest stones on the market, but they are still durable enough to withstand daily wear with a hardness of 7.5 - 8.

These gems are characterized by their high level of clarity and good size, which added to their ease of cutting makes it possible to find them in all kinds of presentations and designs.

One of the properties that make aquamarines unique is their bluish hue ranging from pale pastel to greenish blue. Aquamarine gems can become visually uneven in color, making them appear darker or lighter depending on the angle in which they are viewed.

This property in the change of tone when reflecting light makes rings with multiple bright aquamarines easily recall the movement of the sea, which knowing how to take advantage of it, creates truly exquisite designs.

These gems are not as brilliant as a diamond, but their subtle sparkle combines with their crystalline appearance to give them a very striking appearance.


Best Styles and Quality Brands

Most gemstones depend on weight, color, cut and clarity to define their overall quality and price. Since aquamarines can be found in good-sized pieces more often than other gemstones, weight is rarely a factor in rarity unless they are cut pieces with more than 5 carats.

As for clarity, it is also not a factor to be overly concerned about, as these gems usually have high purity levels that result in gems that are clean to the eye almost every time.

Since their level of hardness makes them easy to work with, it is also possible to find very good cuts, in virtually every shape on the market, with elegant oval and step cuts standing out in particular.

This leaves the color as one of the highest quality references since, as the color intensifies, they become rarer to obtain. In addition, completely uniform shades are also rare so the better the color, the higher the quality.


Aquamarine engagement ring

Aquamarine engagement rings make truly intimate, profound and symbolic statements, especially for those who seek to deliver beauty beyond dazzling brilliance.


As The Central Gemstone

To take advantage of aquamarine's magnificent crystalline properties, a beautiful, good-sized piece in an elegant, even-toned step cut is one of the best alternatives.


The beauty of this engagement ring is perfectly complemented by the brilliance of the diamonds surrounding the center gemstone and the 18k gold band.
On the sides, a pair of emeralds add a striking touch of color that elegantly invites you to admire the setting, making this an engagement ring worthy of royalty.


As a design focus

By carefully choosing the color pattern of the aquamarines, it is possible to create a symphony of sparkling gems around a metal band, which take advantage of the intense colors in contrast to the yellow gold and the subtle crystalline tones in white gold.

In this way, one of our flagship jewels, the Eternity Ring Aquamarines & Gold, is created.


This beautiful ring features sparkling oval-cut aquamarines that capture the essence of the sea in an engagement-worthy design for those seeking a non-traditional option that maximizes meaning and color.


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