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Amazing vintage ruby rings

on June 16, 2023

Choosing a vintage ruby engagement ring may not be the usual, but it is by far one of the best alternatives for unique brides, who give true value to the meanings.

Rubies have been used as a symbol of the power of royalty, the queen of precious gems, a stone that when in contact with the sun seems to burn.
Durability and timeless beauty. Let's look at some proposals and explore the reasons why an engagement ring with a stone is the right choice for you.

Ring Platinum Ruby Diamonds

Why is ruby the perfect gemstone?

The ruby is one of the most significant gemstones in history. Its rarity and beautiful hues have positioned it as the gemstone of love, passion and desires; those who wore rubies in ancient times had the firm belief that this gemstone could grant them beauty, health and prosperity.
Perfect for letting your loved one know that this is what they represent in your life!

What what are the types of vintage ruby ring?

The opulence of rubies is unique and very characteristic, especially when we talk about vintage engagement rings. That's not to say that these beautiful jewels can't have unique modern nods, it's all about capturing the gem's alluring deep color and exploiting it to the fullest, that way it doesn't go unnoticed, even in the most stylish settings and settings.

Platinum and diamonds

A magnetic gemstone with an exquisite and unique design that combines the essence of classic with modern influences; the best of both worlds.



This beautiful engagement band handcrafted in platinum, one of the rarest and most durable precious metals, exquisitely combines its natural brilliance with 4 bold bands of swirling diamonds that hold a 0.97 carat ruby like a queen.

The king of classic: Gold and diamonds

When it comes to classic pieces with power and elegance, we cannot overlook one of the most beautiful combinations in the history of fine jewelry: yellow gold in a sky of diamonds with a ruby as the center stone.


This 18-karat gold design takes advantage of the natural sparkle in the gold and combines it with 10 princess-cut diamonds to maximize brilliance, contrasted with 42 round diamonds, which will make the ruby cabochon stand out exquisitely.

A classic and temporary gem that captures the best of the ages and reflects the cultural heritage of the ruby, ideal for a distinguished bride.

Delicacy in designs that maximize details

Time to let yourself be dazzled with 18K white gold designs, this time in a much lighter shade to take advantage of the delicacy on the Oval Ruby Cabochon.


With 60 diamonds carefully distributed throughout the design, this ruby center stone engagement ring bridges the perfect gap between the glory of antique designs and modern perspectives, a design outside the "norm".


A must-have in classic: Pear Shape

If you've dabbled in antique and vintage ruby engagement ring models before, you've probably already seen the Pear Shape designs. These wonderful pieces take advantage of the purity of the most intense tones and create an elongated effect on both the finger and the jewelry that is simply exquisite.
Without a doubt this is one of the favorite cuts for this category because they can convey the feeling of nobility, robust and stylish at the same time.


This luxury piece is combined with two gold tones that overlap homogeneously to create a stunning contrast of brilliance, while exploiting the potential of diamonds.


If you are still looking for that special ring, do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you without compromise, so you get that piece that will accompany you and your partner for life, attached to your budget without sacrificing high quality.


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