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Unique and exclusive pieces of fine jewelry in the best Albert Hern style, available for our most distinguished customers upon request. Each one of them elaborated with mastery and special care even in the smallest details.

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Ring 18kt Yellow Gold Rubilite Cabochon & Diamonds

$11,525.00 AUD

Ring Platinum Blue Sapphire & Diamonds

$6,147.00 AUD

Earrings Classic 18kt Gold South Sea Pearls & Diamonds

$5,379.00 AUD$6,531.00 AUD

Ring 18kt White Gold South Pearl and Diamonds

$4,149.00 AUD

Ring 18kt Two Tone Gold Ruby & Diamonds

$4,149.00 AUD

Ring Vintage Engagement 18kt White Gold & Diamonds

$1,998.00 AUD
Rings and bracelets of green garnet, pearls, rubies and sapphires parade in our collection of classic pieces, which of course include timeless elements such as a fine white gold and round brilliant cut diamond ring.
Each of these collectibles is handcrafted to represent the highest standard, with precious metals and stones that evoke royalty and the immortality of a work of art.
Explore the majesty of these perfect pieces of undeniably timeless fine jewelry.

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