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Pearls (50)

Earrings 14kt Gold Criss Cross Pearls & Diamonds

$1,009.00 AUD

Earrings 18kt Gold South Sea Pearls & Center Gems Studs

$505.00 AUD

Mini Earrings 18kt Gold Heart Center Diamonds & Drop Studs

$280.00 AUD

Medal Mother of Pearl Our Lady of Mount Carmen | Virgen del Carmen Gold & Gemstones

$1,475.00 AUD

Bracelet 18kt Gold Paper Clip with White, Black South Sea Pearls and Diamonds

$1,319.00 AUD

Necklace 14kt Yellow Gold Barroque South Sea Pearls & Chain

$1,529.00 AUD

Earrings 18kt Gold Tahití Pearls with Rubies & Diamonds studs

$3,880.00 AUD

Necklace 18kt Yellow Gold Barroque South Sea Pearls & Chain

$2,056.00 AUD

Necklace 18kt Gold Mother Pearl Miraculous Diamonds & Pearls Medal

$4,539.00 AUD

Opener Earrings 18kt Gold & Pearls Screw Back

$249.00 AUD

Earrings 14kt Gold Mother of Pearl Heart Chain & Outline Diamonds

$1,141.00 AUD

Earrings 14kt Gold Pearls & Diamonds Triangle

$683.00 AUD

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