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Blue Sapphires

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Earrings Center Diamond and Oval Gemstones Flower 18kt Gold

2 reviews
$1,786.00 AUD

Bracelet 18kt Gold Oval Insignia Gemstones & Paperclip

1 review
$1,171.00 AUD

Earrings 18kt Gold Oval Gemstones Studs

$655.00 AUD

Maxi Eternity Rings Gemstones & Gold

$2,428.00 AUD

Earrings 18kt Gold South Sea Pearls & Center Gems Studs

1 review
$465.00 AUD

Eternity Rings Insignia Gemstones & Gold

$2,571.00 AUD

Earrings 14kt Gold Illusion Huggies Blue Sapphires & Diamonds

$1,000.00 AUD

Birthstone & Gold Huggies Prisma Collection

$707.00 AUD

Medal Mother of Pearl Our Lady of Mount Carmen | Virgen del Carmen 14kt Gold & Gemstones

$1,357.00 AUD

Earrings 18kt Gold Oval Sapphire Cabochons & Diamonds Studs

$2,857.00 AUD

Earrings 18kt Gold Oval Sapphires Stud & Hearts Halo Diamonds

$1,436.00 AUD

Earrings 14kt Gold & Ruby Cabochon Hearts Studs

$772.00 AUD

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