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Top 2023 Engagement Ring Trends

on June 08, 2023

After what happened with the pandemic and a year of many changes, only one thing has become more than clear: Nothing and no one can stop love. Even though lovers continue to get engaged, they have had more time to reflect on what they are looking for in engagement rings.

If you are looking for your ideal ring for the long-awaited proposal or planning with your partner what would be that piece that will unite you forever, this we will show you now will be very useful.


Special designs for unique lovers

With the advent of teleworking and social isolation, couples have embarked on a deeper coexistence in search of themselves and what makes their love so special.

This is reflected in clients who are more informed about what they want, craving for peculiar details, a little out of the ordinary and 100% representative of their love. 

Expecting the unexpected is a clear trend when it comes to engagement rings for 2023, where the pieces that best tell their story will surely look the best.


Interest in deep meanings

Escaping a bit from designs with a unique and bright personality in their own style, for this season there has been an increased interest in those designs with a deep meaning, which in most cases goes far beyond beauty.

Some couples prefer to choose the gems in their wedding ring depending on the color, guided by the month of birth, their favorite color or if the stone reminds them of a distinctive quality of their partner.

Who wouldn't love to hear that they were inspired by their eyes, personality or values when choosing their engagement ring?


Eternity Band

It's undeniable that it's been challenging seasons, with postponed celebrations and virtual reunions, making love manifest itself in a much more intense way and hence why infinity bands have become so popular.

These designs with running gems are not only highly customizable and deeply meaningful, but can range from the most sophisticated designs with exacting diamond sizes, to fun and modern pieces.


Although different styles may converge, the meaning remains the same: To express eternal love. Undoubtedly a strong trend for 2023. 


Yellow gold, beautiful madness?

An engagement ring in yellow gold Crazy? No, of course not.


During the last few months, many engagements have been sealed in the most traditional of tones, to celebrate the abundance that prevails even in the most difficult times, a frank desire for prosperity.


The new vision of vintage: 3 Stones

As there is never a shortage of surprises, this year sees the return of a recurring trend that has been quite popular in the past. Conformed by the design in 3 stones, which are usually combined with sparkling precious gems and/or diamonds.

It is a new way to reconcile more classic styles with new perspectives, although it may not entirely suit true vintage lovers. Central designs like these never seem to go out of style and we love it.


True love will never go out of style.


Stacking Rings

Stackable rings as engagement rings? That's right. This trend that was seen at least virtually the previous years on the catwalks, is now back in the engagement category.

The reason for this is the versatility they provide, both for maintenance and disinfection, as well as for attire, they can be combined with more fine jewelry or worn alone.


Blue trendy

Sapphire has regained its place as an engagement gemstone, either for its meaning of loyalty and purity or simply for the elegance that this noble gem in white gold or patina boasts.

For those wise loves, a gem that represents wisdom.


The beauty of timeless luxury

Today, all those who have made the important decision to share nuptials know that an engagement ring has become much more than a precious gemstone. It is an immutable and representative symbol of eternal love.

It is no longer enough that it contains a luxurious and brilliant gemstone. It must take care of the details in its cuts, carving, clarity and in its making. Some of the engagement rings that stand out for their details in the carving are the emerald and baguette.

Elongated designs have been popularized by world-class stars. This style of engagement rings has undoubtedly become one of the most coveted for this season.

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