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Albert Hern history about us 

Albert Hern is the embodiment of a timeless passion for noble metals and precious stones.

With unique designs inspired by latin roots, European influences and far Eastern travels, Albert Hern began his labor of live in 1964. From his early days in Venezuela, to his travels in Italy, Thailand, Burma and beyond, Albert Hern developed a passion for precious stones, jewels and the metals that would embrace them. Combining visionary design with creative technique, Albert Hern quickly gained recognition as a sophisticated designer.

Through the years, Albert Hern designs have continued to capture the admiration of jewelers and individuals alike. Imbued with ageless elegance, Albert Hern creations are born of a simple, deep rooted philosophy: quality.

With offices in Caracas, Santiago de Chile and Miami, Albert Hern has evolved into a world-class company offering unrivaled jewelry designs. Today, Albert Hern continues to embrace the same timeless passion upon which it was founded.


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