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Please first read the terms and conditions to be sure you accept all the conditions before initiating registration process.
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Available only within the USA at the moment.


Orders: First minimum order is 10 pieces.

Warranty: Repairs are always accepted on our jewelry in cases of manufacturer defect, and are expedited to return to you. We provide 12 months warranty for them.

Payment Terms: All orders must be pre-paid, including shipping. We accept PayPal, Visa, American Express and Master Card.

Delivery Terms: All Wholesale orders are shipped through FedEX Insured.

Returns: If there is an issue with your order, please contact Albert Hern immediately. All sales are final however our mistakes will be remedied.

Resale Terms: The name of “Albert Hern” must be indicated as the trademark of the products, they may not be named under another brand or omit the Albert Hern brand in the descriptions and details of the product. The brand must be named at any advertisement, digital and print publication or press article where the products are shown.

Intellectual Property: All intellectual property rights, including, in any case, but not exclusively copyright and trademark rights, which are attached to the Albert Hern's products, are and shall remain the exclusively property of the Albert Hern.

Online Sales: Online sales through your own website are permitted, however sales through any third-party marketplace sites such as eBay or Amazon are strictly prohibited.

Marketing Material: Current and active retailers will have access to FREE marketing support and Dropbox folder with all the arts and logos. Contact info@alberthern.com for marketing material.

Questions? Email us to info@alberthern.com


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