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Sterling silver Vs. White gold | The definitive guide

on November 25, 2023

 A comparison between white gold vs. silver can be a bit tricky because of the similarities at first glance between the two precious metals. Both materials are highly valued in jewelry and are used in many applications for garments and accessories.

Sterling silver Vs. White gold

To establish a difference between white gold and silver, it is necessary to describe other characteristics beyond appearance, such as composition, resistance, brightness, price, durability, among others.

White gold or silver?

There are those who prefer white gold and those who prefer silver, the truth is that many people do not know the fundamental differences when comparing silver versus white gold, and can get confused.

White gold is an alloy between pure yellow gold and other metals such as palladium, nickel or manganese, meaning that white gold is not found naturally in a deposit or mine. By itself, this metal is not one of the most brilliant, it is necessary to cover it with rhodium to increase its brightness.

According to its composition and the metals with which it is combined, different types of gold are obtained. The most valuable is composed of yellow gold, silver and copper. This variety is extremely durable and malleable and has the added bonus of being hypoallergenic. White gold with nickel is the most durable version available, but may cause some allergic reactions. White gold is coated with rhodium to give it greater hardness and an extra shine that is long-lasting.

Pure silver, although used for jewelry, is not recommended because it is very soft and can easily lose its shape and get damaged. For this reason, it is combined with other metals such as zinc, nickel or copper, to obtain a harder material. When the alloy is 92.5% pure silver, it is called sterling silver.


Main characteristics for buying sterling silver vs. white gold

The main point of comparison and differentiation between the two is the price. Although both are highly valued precious metals, silver has a market value, so it is widely used for costume jewelry and everyday accessories.

White gold is more expensive, and its price varies according to the percentage of alloy, the more pure gold it contains, the higher the price. White gold is an investment with the same level of liquidity as yellow gold.

Another factor is durability, and the question is silver stronger than gold? The answer is yes. Sterling silver is much more durable than white gold, and is not easily scratched or damaged. With proper care, a silver garment can last a lifetime.

Durability of white gold: Is it suitable for daily use?

White gold is durable and is perfect for everyday wear, but depending on the plating it has, it can wear more easily than silver. For example, rhodium-plated white gold is susceptible to scratches and metal seepage. In general, the lower the alloy of white gold, the more durable the end result will be. This is because gold is itself a white metal that hardens when mixed.

White gold compared to silver in terms of maintenance and care is much easier to deal with. Silver, if exposed to moisture and wind can tarnish and form a dark patina on its surface. Silver, like gold, should be kept away from any chemicals that may alter its appearance, and should also be cleaned frequently to remove dirt residue.

White gold does not tarnish or oxidize, and cleaning to maintain its luster is simple. However, white gold that is rhodium-plated may lose its luster and reflect a yellowish metallic color. In these cases, it is necessary to go to a jeweler to coat it again.

Which one is most commonly used?

If we talk about which is more used today, white gold or silver, it can be said that each has its captive audience. White gold is more popular right now for those who want a precious metal, but cannot opt for platinum.

On the other hand, both gold and silver continue to be among the most sought after metals for important celebrations such as engagement, graduation, promise, etc. rings. While it is true that yellow gold has historically been the most used by brides, white gold and silver have crept well into this trend.

Particularly white gold is preferred over silver for maintenance issues, although its price is higher.

Which one to choose?

Choosing between silver or gold jewelry is almost always determined by price, understanding that sterling silver is significantly more accessible than white gold, and is a precious metal that can be used to make extremely beautiful pieces. However, it all depends on the tastes and needs of each buyer.

Although it may seem obvious that the first choice is silver, there are many buyers who, having the money to invest in gold, prefer to buy silver for personal tastes and reasons.

Silver has a very shiny and lustrous appearance that captivates anyone, and white gold has a mirror shine that is unmistakable, it is also of high quality and resistant to occasional damage. Each metal has pros and cons that are interesting to know before making an investment to be sure to make the right choice.

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