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Pink gemstones | The most romantic, delicate and desired in jewelry

on November 26, 2023

In jewelry, pink gemstones are usually associated with romanticism and delicacy. Throughout history, this tone has been associated with women, representing joy and feminine innocence, but nowadays pink is no longer exclusively used by women and more and more men are adopting it in their outfits, becoming a more cross-cutting symbolism.

Pink gemstones

In jewelry, pink crystals or pink gems are used to make dazzling jewelry and accessories of all kinds. That is why today we are going to make a review of the most used pink stones in the jewelry market.


Ruby Pink

It is a pink gemstone found in different shades, from a pale pink to a very intense fuchsia-like. 

It is a very rare and valuable gemstone, traditionally associated with love and passion.  Its color is due to the presence of chromium in its composition unlike other sapphires.

As the pink hue is more intense and uniform, the ruby is more valuable.

This pink gem is a variety of corundum, a very important mineral in the world of jewelry. Technically, there is no real difference between pink rubies and colored sapphires, besides their more intense hue and their name. 

The reason rubies are often separated from their counterparts is mostly cultural.

It can be found in different areas of the world, but the most important mines are in Thailand, Madagascar, Australia, Burma, and Vietnam.

It is one of the hardest pink stones in jewelry, with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, so it is widely used to create strong and durable accessories.

Pink ruby in the Eastern tradition is considered a symbol of eternal love, in the culture of the East is a symbol of prosperity and good luck. In general it is related to creativity and energy, and in some mystical way, many people believe that it helps to overcome obstacles. 

These pink rocks are used in many ways in jewelry, in rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and also in decorative objects such as ornaments for physical spaces. At Albert Hern you can find accessories with ruby incorporations such as:

Pink Sapphire

Of the pink crystals names, the pink sapphire stands out. A fairly rare and popular gemstone that tends to have far fewer inclusions (imperfections in its structure) than rubies even though they share the same structure.

The most important sources for sapphires are in Sri Lanka, Australia, Madagascar and Tanzania. 

Culturally, pink sapphire is associated with peace, tranquility, and especially love. It is also associated with generosity, kindness and compassion. In some traditions and beliefs, pink sapphire is used to find inner peace and harmony. 

They are brilliant and elegant stones, and since ancient times have been favored by men to be given as a token of love, honesty and loyalty. In Asian culture it is related to the lotus flower, because of its resemblance to the light pink color, this flower is considered sacred and symbolizes beauty, wisdom and purity. 

Before the 90's it was a fairly unknown stone, but thanks to the discovery of deposits in Madagascar, it began to spread around the world.

In Albert Hern there is a wide variety of accessories with pink sapphires that you can buy:

Pink Tourmaline

A very well known pink stone name is Tourmaline. It can be found in different parts of the world, but the most important and significant production is in Brazil, Mozambique, Nigeria and Madagascar. Since ancient times, it has been associated with love, friendship and happiness.

It is said that the first tourmaline stone was found in Brazil, and that the largest gemstone on record was found in California, United States, measuring approximately 40 centimeters in length.

According to the tradition of the Egyptian culture, this gem came directly from the center of the earth, making a long journey through the planet, crossing rainbows until it reached the hands of man. In Egyptian mysticism, great value was given to its colors, especially pink, which was related to self-love and emotional balance.

Pink tourmaline can be confused with other gems, such as ruby. During the Russian crown in the 16th century, the use of tourmaline as a substitute for ruby became popular. It is said that the biggest fan of this gemstone was the Chinese Empress Tzu Hsi, who incorporated it in all her garments such as pins, chains, crowns, etc.

If you are looking for an accessory with pink tourmaline, you can check the options that Albert Hern has for you:

Rose quartz

Quartz is a mineral that is more common than most gemstones and has an intimate relationship with the world of jewelry because of its ability to form beautiful crystals. Among them, the delicate rose quartz stands out.

Well worked, these subtle and transparent types of quartz can decorate beautiful pieces of fine jewelry.

Ancient cultures used rose quartz to perform intricate rituals for energetic purification. Part of this tradition is still present today and it is for this reason that many customers often prefer them.

It is also worth mentioning that rose quartzes are much more affordable than other colored gemstones and given their ease of workability, jewelers can afford exquisite works of greater weight, set with noble materials such as gold, platinum and diamonds, without impacting too much on the price of the final composition.

Some practices derived from Hinduism believe that they are ideal stones to promote meditation, which is why they are usually kept as ornaments.

The main exporters of gem-quality quartz for fine jewelry tend to be Brazil, Madagascar and India.

If you are interested in exploring rose quartz accessories, you can find jewelry like this at Albert Hern's store:


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