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Orange gemestones: the power of the sunset on an immortal jewel

on November 22, 2023

Orange gems are a favorite among jewelry lovers and connoisseurs because of their particular warmth and brilliance. An orange precious stone immediately elevates any outfit and its versatility to combine with almost any other color makes it a great choice when choosing jewelry.  Below is a list of gems that are orange and their qualities.

Orange gemstones

Sapphire orange

Orange sapphires are well known for their vibrant color and are widely used to create jewelry called fiery. This orange hue is due to the rare trace elements present in their chemical composition, which in turn give them superior quality and brilliance.  At Albert Hern you can find orange jewels with sapphires such as: 

Citrine orange

This stone is very popular for its accessible prices and for its golden and bright tones that remind us of the sun, so it has been associated to radiant energy and life. Formerly, it was believed that its color came from the sun, due to some energetic relationship. Today it is known that the orange tone is due to traces of iron that have been incorporated into its crystal structure, although this has not diminished its popularity.

Orange carnelian

Also known as chalcedony or orange agate, carnelian is a more opaque variation of reddish chalcedony.  The more the sun's rays hit it, the more its orange tone intensifies and becomes more noticeable, also its value increases as it becomes more translucent. Of this orange semi precious stone, there are records dating back more than 4 thousand years, so it is one of the oldest.

Check out these beautiful earrings: 

Orange tourmaline

Among the orange gemstone names, tourmaline always stands out for the range of shades it presents, from a super bright orange to an orange combined with pink. It is associated with creativity and passion, and has the property of pleochroism, which means that the crystals appear in different colors depending on the angle from which it is observed.

Orange gemestones Orange tourmaline

Orange spinel

It is one of the rarest and most exquisite orange gems that can be found. Because of their vivid orange color, they are very striking and sought after in jewelry. Spinel has a high refractive index, so the play of light it reflects is truly captivating. It comes from deep in the earth's crust, so its hardness and durability are excellent attributes and highly sought after for jewelry making.

Orange gemestones Spinel


Orange topaz

Traditionally considered the stone of love and friendship, topaz is one of the most popular and accessible choices in jewelry.  Also referred to as imperial topaz, it can be found in shades ranging from deep orange to more golden and warm tones, and even opaque. It can be considered an orange brown gem because of its duality of tones.

Combined with gemstones, it elevates its beauty, as in these earrings:

Amber orange

It is a stone that is associated with the passage of time and natural beauties. It has a variety of orange tones that go through gold and intense amber, which emanate a warm glow that does not go unnoticed. Orange amber is a fossilized resin that was formed in ancient forests and contains organic material in its composition. It is valued for its natural appearance and for its inclusions or internal irregularities that make it unique.

orange gemstones amber


Orange moonstone

It is a quite rare stone, whose main characteristic is the effect that light produces on it when it is reflected, giving it a particular orange glow. This orange color is a product of the presence of iron, and with the sunlight it intensifies in a beautiful way that attracts attention indisputably. 

It is related to growth and inner balance and intuition, and is a stone of great symbolism, well known in the jewelry world.

Orange gemstones moonstone



Coral is extracted from reefs and is made up of calcium carbonate, magnesium and organic substances from the ecosystem. It has a wide range of orange tones that are associated with serenity and peace. It is also believed that coral captures the beauty and strength of the ocean within, and is widely used in meditation techniques. This orange stone orange combines perfectly in jewelry like this:

Orange solar stone

The orange sunstone is an oligoclase rock of the feldspar family, whose tones vary between reddish and orange, with bright particles that are a consequence of hematite.  It originates from igneous rocks, and is well known for the play of light it displays, thanks to its unique optical properties.

orange gemstones solar stone


Orange Zirconia

It is a precious stone, it has such a high refractive index that it can be compared to diamonds. In fact, it is a more accessible alternative to obtain bright and beautiful jewelry. Orange zircon has a warm yet vibrant hue, which makes it a favorite among lovers of sparkling gems. 

Zircon is the oldest mineral on the planet and one of the most abundant in the earth's crust.  In the Middle Ages, it was believed to aid sleep, promote prosperity and wisdom, and ward off evil spirits.

Orange gemstones


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