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Crystals of Ancient Egypt | The millenary power of Egyptian gems

on November 16, 2023

What we know today as ancient Egypt was a civilization that left a very important cultural heritage to the whole world. The Egyptians stood out for their extensive experience in jewelry making and their rich craftsmanship, which went beyond simple accessories or ornaments and has a spiritual and symbolic meaning that has transcended to our times.

Ancient Egypt

Let's explore the most used Egyptian gemstones and what value they had for this civilization.


Lapis lazuli

The name of this stone is composed of the words lapis which translates into stone and lazuli which means blue, that is, blue stone, due to its tonality.  According to the Egyptian culture, this semi-precious stone has strong energetic powers because it was formed over many years in the depths of the earth.

It is a fundamental part of the history of crystals in ancient Egyptian civilization, where it was associated with the sky and the supernatural. Priests used to dye their robes with lapis lazuli, supposedly to reaffirm their status as gods. Throughout Egypt, it was a revered stone used in magical religious rituals and worn as an amulet. It was indispensable for funeral services, because it protected the deceased from evil spirits, according to this culture.

Nowadays, it is used to create spectacular jewelry such as:


Turquoise is one of the most significant Egyptian stones for this culture. From the most remote records, approximately 3,000 years B.C., it was already obtained from the deposits in the Sinai Peninsula, to be transported in majestic caravans to the most important cities.

Egyptian turquoise is greenish blue and has a glassy appearance. It is one of the ancient Egyptian crystals that adorned the jewels of the pharaohs, and was even considered a protective amulet with which they were

amulet with which the deceased were buried. There are many tombs of pharaohs where turquoise has been found intact. In this civilization, turquoise was considered to be the threshold of connection with the world after death.


The emerald is one of the pharaonic stones of greatest symbolic value in ancient Egypt.  It is attributed, thanks to this culture, the properties of being the gem of eternal youth and immortality. In fact, it was tradition to place an emerald on the neck of the mummies of the pharaohs, so that they could retain their power in the afterlife.

Supposedly, it was Cleopatra's favorite Egyptian crystal because of its relation to beauty and youth. What is really true is that the emerald is in the ranking of the 4 most recognized and valued stones in the world, along with sapphires, rubies and diamonds.

You can have precious jewelry with emeralds like these



It is believed that the ruby was always used in Egyptian courts, and that its beautiful red color was the main attraction that captivated the ancient people of Egypt. Many of the jewels of this period were made of silver or pure gold, complemented with precious gems such as ruby, which made them more striking and extravagant.

The ruby was treated as a protective stone and is part of the history of the healing crystals of this civilization. The swords of warriors were adorned with rubies to protect them from death. It was also considered a gem that activated passion and love, due to its blood-like hue.


The agate stone was highly venerated by ancient civilizations, especially by the Egyptians, who attributed healing powers against spider bites or scorpion attacks, deadly accidents at the time.

During the important ceremonies of the Egyptians, it was essential to have agate in any of its presentations, to ask for protection and shelter. It was also used to ward off supposed negative energies, thus it was given in the crusades that battled in the front line of fire.


Citrine is a quartz mineral in yellow or orange tones that since ancient times has been related to the power of the sun because of its color. Today it is known that this particular hue is due to the iron in its composition, but the Egyptians considered it a source of enlightenment and success.

If you are caught by the yellow color of this quartz, you can have very bright jewelry like this:


When speaking of stones and the history of crystal healing, mention must be made of malachite. Since ancient Egypt it has been considered a fine stone associated with new life, resurrection and fertility. For Egyptian women it was a symbol of eternal youth and rebirth, thanks to its relationship with the hippopotamus goddess Thueris, protective deity of pregnancy.


According to Egyptian legend, tourmaline have been formed in the center of the earth and have had to make a long journey across the planet, where they have crossed a rainbow taking their colors for themselves. This is why it is popularly known as the chameleon of gems.

Tourmaline comes in various colors and particularly the black shade, it was related to magic and sorcerers.


Amethyst quartz is one of the most common minerals that can be found and is one of the most appreciated since ancient times for its purple color and all the properties attributed to it. In Egyptian culture it was associated with protection, power and wealth and to this day it is considered a stone of spiritual connection.

It is spectacular to work in jewelry, especially for its intense color that does not go unnoticed. Look at this beautiful example:


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