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How Does The Program Work?

We like to keep things easy, you can start without spending a penny, we are looking for individuals who are active in their community and empowering real woman on their everyday style. Signing up to be a Brand Ambassador is just three steps away.

Step One: Contact us through this form or email us talking about you, your birthday, address and social media accounts and we will review your application to ensure you are fit for our program.
Step Two: If you are approved, we will reply asking for your id and giving you your unique discount code for your followers. You will get 10% of the purchase amount every time somebody uses the code at checkout. Also, you will get some pictures to use for promotion.
Step Three: You are done! Welcome to the family. Start sharing your code to get money and free jewels.

Ambassador Levels

 Silver: Starting level 10% off code for you and your followers + 10% commission.
 Platinum: (After 50 verified sales) Same 10% discount. Free jewel prize worth up to $1.000.
 Gold: (After 50 verified sales) 15% discount + Free jewel prize worth more than $1.000.
 Diamond: (After 100 verified sales) 20% discount + Free jewel prize worth more than $1.500.

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