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Tourmalines (12)

Earrings Center Diamond and Oval Gemstones Flower 18kt Gold

£999.00 GBP

Earrings 18kt Gold Oval Gemstones Studs

£366.00 GBP

Eternity Rings Insignia Gemstones & Gold

£1,439.00 GBP

Earrings 18kt Gold Multicolor Oval Tourmaline & Diamonds Drops

£1,998.00 GBP

Earrings 18kt Gold Pear Tourmaline & Diamonds Stardusts

£2,362.00 GBP

Earrings 18kt Gold Amethysts Tourmalines & Quartz Flowers

£1,239.00 GBP

Earrings 18kt Gold Pear Gems Flowers & Detachable Jacket

£1,619.00 GBP

Earrings 18kt Gold Butterflies Amethyst Tourmalines & Diamonds

£1,019.00 GBP

Ring 14kt Gold Oval Green Tourmaline & Diamonds Split Shank

£3,197.00 GBP

Bracelet 18kt Rose Gold Emerald Cut Pink Tourmalines Tennis

£4,156.00 GBP

Earrings 14kt Gold Tourmaline & Diamonds Drop

£1,778.00 GBP

Earrings Asymmetrical Gemstones & 18kt Gold

£959.00 GBP

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