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Push present ideas | The best way to immortalize a stunning memory

on November 27, 2023

The birth of a baby is always a cause for celebration for a family, especially for mothers, who have gestated that new life in their wombs and since ancient times it is customary to give meaningful gifts to commemorate this moment. To help families decide, today we want to talk precisely about this, compiling the best push present ideas.

 Push Present


What is a push present?

In the past, men used to give a diamond ring for their first child, something that eventually became known as a push present. Today, in many countries, the tradition of surprising moms with a piece of jewelry or a gift that becomes a symbol to immortalize that beautiful moment is maintained.

The tradition goes back to Europe in countries such as Great Britain, Holland, Belgium and the Netherlands, but it has spread to the United States and some populations in America and in many families there is a real interest in finding the best push gift ideas for the long-awaited moment.

A gift for the birth of a baby is always a very meaningful and thoughtful gesture. Beyond the jewel or gem itself, the sentimental value of these gifts is incomparable. They can be rings as was the custom in ancient Europe, chains with charms, bracelets or any other accessory associated with the celebration of life.


Rings to commemorate a birth

For example, in the case of rings, you can give the mother one with diamonds or a blue gem like sapphire if the baby is a boy, or with a pink gem like tourmaline if it is a girl. At Albert Hern you can find options like these:

Birth charms

Birth charms are always a special option. They can be symbolic like a jet stone, a cross or a safety pin, and the mother can wear it on a chain, necklace or bracelet. Any of these options is ideal for the memory of the birth to be symbolically engraved on an accessory.

If you are looking for one of these three options, you can find it in Albert Hern:



Religious medallions to celebrate the miracle of life

Lockets are also a great option if you want to give a nice gift to a new mother. Especially in the Latin culture, Catholicism is very important and most women have a particular love and devotion for the Virgin Mary, who is also a mother and to whom they entrust the protection of their children.

Under this faith, mothers have a special connection with the Virgin Mary, and giving them a medal of their favorite devotion for the birth of a child is undoubtedly an excellent idea.

It can be a medal of the Miraculous Medal, Our Lady of Mount Carmel or Our Lady of Fatima:



Personalized medallions with colored gems

Chains with these medals incorporated are a favorite gift for moms to immortalize their gratitude for the birth of their children. A miracle medal chain with blue sapphire inlay is ideal for the mother of a boy and if it has pink ruby, it is perfect for the mother of a girl. Chains with children's charms, are also very timely and perfect. Take a look at this model:

It's a subtle way to personalize a beautiful, lasting and above all meaningful gift.

Medallion of the Virgin of Guadalupe

There is a special invocation for mothers, and it is the Virgin of Guadalupe, patroness of Mexico. The image of this Virgin presents us with a Mary pregnant with Jesus, which is why in the Catholic faith she is considered the special protector of pregnant women. Many mothers offer their pregnancies to the Virgin of Guadalupe, so that they reach a happy term.

Gifting a piece of jewelry with the image of Guadalupe can be of much spiritual and sentimental value to a mother. Just like this one:

Personalized initial pendants

You can also choose to give the new mom a necklace with the initial of her baby's name, or with the full name, even with the word mom as a symbol of love.  All these options can be found at Albert Hern:


If the mom is more a fan of gemstones and the holistic world, you can give her a jewel with the gemstone of her baby's birth. For example, if the birth is in January, the stone is the Garnet and in February the Amethyst: So you can use the following reference table to choose a beautiful birth set with the matching stone:

push present birthstones

No matter which option you choose, it is always a special detail, celebrating life and mothers.


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