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Ocean Dream Diamond: the impact of the color blue in fine jewelry

on November 22, 2023

The color blue has historically been related to the infinite beauty of the sea and the sky, associating it in turn with the serenity and calmness that these natural elements represent for human beings. Blue in jewelry has a particular importance, not only for its aesthetic characteristics, but also for its symbolism and meaning.


History and characteristics of this magnificent diamond

The ocean dream diamond is perhaps the only natural blue-green colored natural crystal, recognized by the Gemological Institute of America. It weighs 5.51 carats, has a particular shield shape, and is among the rarest diamonds globally.

Its blue tone is so striking that it was subjected to special tests to determine that it had not been exposed to artificial treatments. This scientific expertise determined that the color of this dream diamond is completely natural, the product of millions of years of natural radiation.

Officially, there is not much information about the history of the ocean dream diamond, except that it was found in Central Africa, without knowing the year or the deposit from where it was extracted. It was owned by Cora Diamond Corporation, in New York, but it is not known how and when it was bought from its owner.


How and when it was purchased from its original owner

In 2003 it was part of the famous diamond exhibition called "splendor of diamonds" at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, where it shared the limelight with other famous crystals such as the Eternity, the Allnatt, the Pumpkin Orange, among others.

Supposedly, the original rough stone weighed about 11.27 carats, and although it is not currently one of the largest diamonds, because it does not exceed 6 carats, it is considered one of the strangest diamonds in the world because of its natural blue color. In May 2014, the diamond was put up for auction in Geneva and was purchased by an anonymous collector for $8.6 million.

Since it was acquired at that auction, nothing more has been heard of the ocean dream diamond, but it continues to be on the list of the most beautiful and strangest diamonds in the world.


Properties that make it so remarkable

The ocean dream diamond is the only one with the deep blue and radiant green color combination known today, this being its most outstanding feature. Its hue is the property that stands out the most and makes it one of the rarest diamonds on the market.

Experts normally associate a color like this to artificial enhancement processes, but this is not the case of the dream diamond. In fact, there is no record of any other diamond with this color.

Its special name has also made it very popular, especially because of the meaning behind it. Thanks to its incomparable blue tone, it is related to the depth of the sea, having an important symbolism that makes it stand out.

Another peculiar feature is that despite being a small diamond compared to other famous gems, its size is considered large within the range of blue-toned diamonds.


Symbology of blue gemstones

Although the blue color is commonly found in nature, it is not the same in gemstones. Gems that have blue as their main color are among the most difficult to find because they are unique in their category. Any blue gemstone can be considered as an ocean dream, and they are admired for their origin, their formation and for the incomparable beauty that characterizes them.

Everything that represents the majesty of our blue planet is somehow transferred to gemstones. They are commonly related to the energy of the sky and the ocean, and with the vitality behind these infinite concepts and at the same time unknown to the human being.

For example, in Albert Hern you can find jewelry that symbolizes the beauty of the sea, such as this ring with a blue sapphire, ideal for any occasion:


Or some earrings that recall the color and majesty of the ocean, like:

Blue gems represent serenity, calm, integrity and depth. In many cultures, they are associated with professionalism and sincerity, and people wear them to be more creative and enhance their talents. In other beliefs, a blue gemstone can be considered as an ocean's dream, and is used as a talisman to protect the health of the mind and body.


In meditation, they are widely used to enhance spiritual communication. They have even supposedly been endowed with very important spiritual properties that facilitate understanding and communication with the afterlife.

Being a color related to peace and tranquility, it is common for blue gemstones to be used for better sleep. They have also been identified as special stones for mental development, so they are used to help with concentration and intuition.


Are other colored diamonds worth buying?

The market for the sale of colored diamonds has been increasing in recent years, colorless diamonds are no longer the protagonists of the most exclusive jewelry. Colored gemstones are highly sought after because of their rarity and scarcity.

The different colors in the specific case of diamonds derive from the different atomic structures and impurities to which they are exposed in their formation, such as carbon, boron, nitrogen, hydrogen, among others. The original colored diamonds that have not undergone external treatments are quite expensive and of great value.

Created colored diamonds are a more affordable option to a dream cut diamond, and are of very good quality and high strength. Their price makes them available to many more people, and they are also extremely beautiful, as they have almost perfect hexagonal shapes. 

The size of these diamonds is larger than natural diamonds, so they are much more eye-catching and have the same chemical and physical properties as an original.


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