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Green gemstones | symbolic, beautiful and coveted green stones

on November 26, 2023

The color green is globally recognized as the color of hope. In jewelry, there is a great variety of green gemstones, beyond the emerald, which is the best known. There are sapphires and even diamonds, and other green gemstones that you can choose to incorporate into your jewelry.

Jade Gemstone


Emerald is the most famous and well known green gemstone and at the same time the most exclusive due to its high quality, hardness and limited supply. It has a great value in the market, mainly those coming from Colombia, whose greenish tone is 100% pure and has no yellow reflections in its structure. The most valued green stones are those extracted from the Muso mine.

The green reflected by the emerald has been compared to the color of the Colombian jungle. Other countries such as Brazil, Zambia, Russia, Afghanistan and South Africa are also producers of very good emeralds. At Albert Hern you can find several options of this green gemstone used in rings, bracelets and earrings.


For a long time peridot was confused with emerald, because there was not the information we have today about the green gemstone table.  This gem is very attractive, thanks to the combination of yellow and golden reflections on the green that make it really beautiful.

Its color is a product of the large amount of iron it contains, which can be made more intense if components such as chromium or nickel are added.


It is an extremely rare stone, very difficult to find, so its value has increased considerably. This green gemstone is very popular nowadays, and due to its scarcity and high price, more affordable synthetic versions are made.

It can be a dark green or light green gemstone, depending on the amount of iron it contains. They are truly amazing when exposed to light, and their most common use in jewelry is in rings and earrings like these.


They can be verdelite or chrome depending on their chemical composition. The chrome ones usually have an intense green color, produced by the traces of chromium and vanadium they may contain. Their price also differs for this reason, the carat of chrome tourmaline is much more expensive than verdelite.

Tourmaline is said to be one of the most used green gems for healing, for supposedly having activating qualities for prosperity. It is said to be an ally for heart issues, which is why it is so popularly known.


Jade is the most durable gemstone of all, able to withstand any blow or pressure without breaking. It has two varieties known as jadeite and nephrite, highly sought after in jewelry because of its beautiful green color.  Of the green gemstones, jade has captivated gem lovers for centuries for its musical qualities, and is that when struck it emits a sound similar to that of a bell.

Jade gemstone

Green garnets: tsavorite and demantoid

The garnet family presents a great variety of colors, but green is a favorite. Depending on their chemical composition, these green gems are called by different names. For example, the grosular garnets are called tsavorites and are dark green gemstones of intense color. It is a favorite of jewelers to work with because of the brilliance they give in the final products.

The demantoid garnet is so named because of its resemblance to diamonds, as it has a particularly intense brilliance and sparkle. Thanks to its chemical composition, this green gemstone is rarer and more valuable than tsavorite.

Jewelry in which garnet is incorporated is a work of art like these:


Green Diamond

Green in diamonds is one of the rarest and most difficult colors to obtain today, making it extremely expensive in value.  This green gemstone arises from the combination of hydrogen and nickel in the diamond's crystalline structure or from defects caused by irradiation in its subway formation process.

If it is too expensive to acquire an original green diamond, you can always turn to treated diamonds, whose prices are more affordable.


It is a very resistant gemstone, which must be worked with great care due to its almost perfect structure. It is a very delicate green gemstone that can react unexpectedly to certain chemicals, so the work in jewelry with this stone is of great detail and care.

Malachite is considered a spiritual or energetic stone and was very famous in the ancient civilization of Egypt. It is said that the rulers used it, assuring that it would help them to be wiser and govern better.


It is named after the Amazon rainforest. It is a gem that presents a variety of shades of green, from light color, bluish green or deep green, and that does not need any chemical treatment process to improve its appearance, since its natural beauty formed by delicate white lines that give depth to the green color, is enough to make anyone fall in love with it.

It is quite hard and translucent in appearance, and its value is considered to be a rare gem among the green gemstone options that can be found.



To close the list we have diopside, an interesting gemstone that captivates with its deep green olive-like color. One of the most important deposits is located in Jacuzia in Siberia, where winter temperatures are the lowest in the world.  The use of this gemstone for jewelry is very common and the most important brands in the market have it among their green stones mainly.


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