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Eternal Pink Diamond: All About the Stunning Pink Diamond

on November 14, 2023

The color pink in jewelry is inherently rare and highly prized, especially in diamonds. The "Eternal Pink Diamond" is an unparalleled gem without internal imperfections and with a cushion cut, featuring a vibrant pink color that has been described by many connoisseurs in the market as "the quintessential pink."


Eternal Pink Diamond

What makes this diamond special?

Its deep and brilliant color makes it unique in the world, and it has been considered by experts as the most valuable pink violet diamond ever extracted from the Damtshaa mine in Botswana, Africa.

Weighing 10.57 carats, this pink diamond auction recently fetched an approximate price of $35 million on June 8th in New York. The acclaimed director of Sotheby's Jewelry for the Americas, the organizing house of the event, referred to the Eternal Pink Diamond as "the most beautiful and concentrated shade of pink in diamonds."

The Eternal Diamond was crafted by Diacore, and it took six months to cut and polish it to achieve that natural color, often compared to "bubblegum," extracted from a raw diamond weighing 23.78 carats.

This precious gem has been described as an even rarer pink diamond than the masterpieces of Andy Warhol or René Magritte, and if you're wondering who purchased the pink diamond, unfortunately, that information is not public.

Furthermore, it received the "Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink" classification, awarded only to a very rare subgroup of diamonds that make up less than 2% of those in the world.

Why is pink such a striking color in jewelry?

Among the 230 possible diamond colors that can be found and worked into jewelry, pink is the most exquisite and celebrated. These particular diamonds are minerals that form in the Earth's mantle at high temperatures, and over 90% of pink gemstones were extracted from the Argyle mine in northern Australia.

The rarity and difficulty in finding them have contributed to their high prices and made them extremely appealing to buyers. Additionally, the beauty and brilliance of pink make it versatile for jewelry, which explains the preference for this color.

Pink goes well with practically everything, it is elegant and sophisticated, and it adapts to any style. In the case of rose gold, the fascination for this color dates back three centuries, but in recent times, the appeal for this shade has seen a resurgence, perhaps due to the association of pink with tenderness and delicacy.

Jewelers report that working with rose gold is subtler than white or yellow gold, and this tone gives jewelry a unique warmth. It can also be combined with any other color, as we can see in the following pieces from Albert Hern.




Why are colored diamonds so highly prized?

Based on the tone of diamonds, they can be classified as colorless or colored.

Colored diamonds, such as vivid pink diamonds, blue, red or yellow, are referred to in the jewelry industry as "fancies" and are much more sought-after than colorless diamonds because they are harder to come by and more exclusive.

In recent years, the prices at international auctions for these gems have increased significantly. For example, the "Pink Diamond Star," a colored diamond, was sold at a public auction for 65.5 million euros, setting a record for a pink diamond.

The scarcity of colored diamonds makes them highly sought-after as unique items, especially among female consumers. The final color is closely related to the atomic structure of the mineral.

While colorless diamonds consist solely of carbon atoms, colored diamonds contain traces of boron, nitrogen, hydrogen, and some uranium salts, which give rise to the blue, yellow, pink, red, or green colors.

Although colored diamonds are more prized than colorless ones, within this category, blue and green tones are less common and, therefore, command higher prices. For example, "The Blue Moon of Josephine," a smaller and lighter diamond than the Pink Star mentioned earlier, was sold in 2015 for 43.6 million euros.

How do I know if a pink-colored jewel is ideal for me?

As mentioned, pink is easy to combine and goes well with almost any style, but it's interesting to know your skin's undertone to determine which shade suits you best. There are three major categories of skin undertones: cool, warm, and neutral.

If your undertone is cool, as your skin tends to be fair and slightly pinkish, you'll benefit from wearing silver-toned jewelry to add radiance and freshness. On the other hand, if you have a warm undertone, a combination of gold and pink is perfect for making you look radiant and enhancing your complexion. For those with neutral undertones, a metallic pink is ideal for highlighting the natural glow of your skin.

At Albert Hern's jewelry store, you can find pieces made from various materials combined with pink, perfect for your style and preferences.



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