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Circle necklace fine jewelry | The perfect geometry

on June 08, 2023

Chain with circle pendants are a great reminder of how powerful the simplest geometric shapes can be, a concept that Albert Hern takes to heart in his designs.

From small round pendants to circles with beautifully colored ethical natural gemstones, circles are very elegant shapes to wear all the time.

There are many ways to use circles in fine jewelry, especially in necklaces, plus, they have a lot of meaning behind them.

Shall we explore this trend a little bit?


Circle jewelry: Their meaning

Circles are a universal symbol of eternity, protection, life, perfection and cycles that repeat over time.

In jewelry, giving a circular gold necklace as a gift carries a deep meaning of eternal love. Another common interpretation can be protective love, with the circle being a reference to the figure of a shield or barrier.

Circle chain necklaces are very popular because within their simplicity they are able to transmit a lot of energy and personality to any outfit.


Circle pendant necklace

Diamonds are one of the most imposing and beautiful shapes in nature. Inspired by this concept, the initial letter O creates a powerful symbolic frame, which combined with the round brilliant cuts of the diamond and the white gold details, are the perfect formula for an elegant piece for everyday use.


Gold Disc with Diamonds

A great way to take advantage of the simplicity and visual appeal of circles in jewelry is to create circular patterns, either by using overlapping open circles or a disc with round brilliant diamond cuts. In this way Albert Hern's Gold Disc with Diamonds concentrates all the symbolism into one classic and dazzling piece. 

Rose gold circle necklace

Some symbols based on circular geometric figures are universal, as is the case of the peace symbol, widely represented in all forms of art and in our flagship collections of oval gems of intense color and ethical origin. The rose gold circle necklace is a piece that reflects sensitivity, charisma and a lot of energy to charge with brightness to the daily style.

Gold Round & Baguette Diamonds Necklace

Playing with proportions, figures and materials that accompany the circle, as the centerpiece of a piece of jewelry, allows you to create very striking sets both from afar and up close. This is the case of the Necklace 18kt Gold Round & Baguette Diamonds by Alber Hern that combines elegant cuts with striking internal lines in a beautiful round diamond of great quality, capable of captivating even the most demanding eyes.

Colorfull circular gold necklace

In some nomenclatures circles are symbols of femininity, fertility, life and abundance. You can celebrate these unique concepts with multicolored oval cut gems, round diamonds and ethically sourced shiny metals in a circle necklace fine jewelry free shipping by Albert Hern. 

The best thing about this particular jewelry is that you can completely choose everything about its design such as the base, the color of the gems and the type of necklace to suit your style.


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