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Best places to propose in California

on June 16, 2023

California, the third largest state in the United States, is home to a myriad of magical places full of culture, architecture and lush natural beauty to make the most incredible marriage proposals, but among so many options, which would be the best?

Best places to propose in California

Although this is a very personal question and the answer can only come from a deep knowledge of the couple's tastes, there are options that are favorites for very good reasons.

How about exploring beautiful places to propose in california and some jewelry that suits while we're at it?


Where to propose in california

Where to propose in California? As long as love is honest, anywhere is a good place. But we know you're not here to read this, you want ideas to make everything perfect and we've got them.

First of all, think about your partner's tastes and what kind of settings they would appreciate the most for a romantic statement. Some people prefer private places, others feel perfectly at home in urban settings or love nature. Keep this in mind before making your choice.

Finally, even if you know the answer will be a potential Yes! Take your choice of venue very seriously.

The marriage proposal will be a beautiful story that hopefully you will be able to brag about many times in the future, so plan ahead, get accomplices, visit the locations beforehand.

Each location listed below has endless potential for a beautiful proposal in California, but making it perfect is up to you.


Romantic places in california to propose

Generally speaking, there are three special locations that, because of their setting, produce a romantic aura almost effortlessly. By choosing the right time and day, you will steal tears and sighs of happiness from your partner when you make the long-awaited proposal.


Mulholland Drive Overlooks

The Mulholland Drive Overlooks have breathtaking views of the city of Los Angeles and some natural scenery that, combined with a good sunset, becomes one of the most romantic places for a proposal.

The Mulholland Drive Overlooks

The opulent villas tend to attract a lot of tourists, but nothing a weekday can't solve. The scenery is worth it. 


Baker Beach

With the Golden Gate Bridge in the background on a clear weekday, Baker Beach offers the perfect romantic proposal spot to get down on your knees and pop the question, next to one of the state's most iconic architectural landmarks.

Baker Beach

Why consider it over other romantic locations? The bridge itself has a symbolic meaning, beauty and utility, which are maintained by the union of the two sides, just like their love.


Best places to propose in Los Angeles

We know that the great state of California is more than just Los Angeles, but we can't deny the great variety of incredible locations, worthy of a proposal that will forever change the lives of two people.


Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel

The Santa Monica Pier is a must-see romantic comedy classic, and standing at the top of the Ferris wheel and making your proposal with a beautiful sunset in the background along the beach... few things can top that.

Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel

Add to that the iconic scenery and possible recreational activities like restaurants and such.


The Hollywood Sign

Want to take a picture at just the right moment and have everyone recognize the place? We got it! The famous Hollywood Sign is what you're looking for.

The Hollywood Sign

Although every now and then the path to the iconic sign is closed, it only takes a little planning to create a proposal with beautiful views of the city and a striking landmark.


Central Garden of The Getty

Lush planned nature and admire-worthy artwork, with plenty of opportunities to take your special someone by surprise and get down on one knee to pop the big question. This and much more is what Central Garden (The Getty) has to offer.

Central Garden of The Getty

This location is one of the best places to propose in california, because when you are there it just seems like the world stops mattering, it's just you and your loved one.


Griffith Observatory

When it comes to places with amazing views in Los Angeles hardly any can beat the Griffith Observatory. Adjacent to it, the magnificent architecture visible from its outdoor garden is a dream location for a proposal.

Griffith Observatory

You can choose to go up to the terrace to observe the entire expanse beyond the city limits, or access the planetarium. An elegant and beautiful setting to immortalize in a photo, as well as in your memory.


The Huntington Botanical Gardens

For nature lovers all public gardens are good spots to suggest, but if you are near Los Angeles, you are lucky to have The Huntington Botanical Gardens as one of your options.

The Huntington Botanical Gardens

Its 120 acres hide all kinds of delicate landscapes, perfectly distributed with Australian, Chinese, Japanese and other architectural references, where you can make proposals that will take your special someone's breath away.


Best places to propose in Northern California

Northern California is full of natural locations that are simply perfect for a marriage proposal, almost so much so that they seem to have been designed for that purpose. Beaches, mountains, rivers and to top it all off, one of the most important cultural centers in the world.


Palace of Fine Arts

Palace of Fine Arts

Lovers of fine architecture will find the Palace of Fine Arts the perfect backdrop for a walk at the end of the day after touring San Francisco's main locations with their special someone and nervously contemplating them before popping the long-awaited question.


Hot Air Balloon Over Napa

Napa Valley has one of the most epic unconventional adventurous activities for a marriage proposal: a hot air balloon ride.

Hot Air Balloon Over Napa

Although this is an idea that you should mull over ahead of time until you find out if you and your partner will really enjoy it, the result of the adventure will be an unforgettable experience filled with dreamlike scenery with the person who will be your partner for life.



Napa is not only accessible to ballooning. The area has beautiful landscapes and extensive vineyards, which can be accessed by reservation, to make in the privacy of a half-empty glass, the sunset and the person you love the most romantic statement of all.


Best places to propose in Southern California

If you found the north breathtaking, full of epic places to propose, wait until you see some of the best places to propose in southern California: coastlines, parks, nature reserves, dreamy rural spaces and much more.


Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

This nature reserve is known for its lush landscapes, exotic cliffs and vibrant life, full of interesting guided tours to share while waiting for the perfect moment to get down on one knee and ask the long-awaited question.

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

The contrast interspersed between the arid, green areas and its spectacular ocean views create the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable backdrop.


Sierra National Forest

Although the Sierra National Forest requires a bit of experience and a taste for exploration or adventure to be chosen as the best candidate, it is still one of the most beautiful areas for a proposal close to lush nature.

Sierra National Forest


San Diego Zoo

For animal lovers there is simply no better place than the famous San Diego Zoo. Enjoy a tour filled with many wonders to admire, unexpected landscapes and perfect background scenery. When your partner gets distracted to take a picture or look at the attractions, it's time to get down on your knees and wait for him or her to turn around.


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