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How much money you should spend on a wedding ring

on June 08, 2023

Wedding rings are a fundamental piece of jewelry and a symbol that will accompany the couple throughout their life together. As important as they are and as demanding as the planning of a wedding ceremony can be, it is natural to ask the famous question: How much should I spend on wedding rings?


We believe there are too many myths and misconceptions about the subject and it's time to demystify them, so you can find your dream ring no matter your budget.


About the engagement ring

Before the proposal, the first budget barrier is in the engagement ring, which is usually by far more expensive than a traditional wedding band.

On average, during 2020, the cost of engagement rings remained close to $3,850. A value that compared to 2019 decreased quite a bit.

The problem with the estimates is that many couples manage budgets well above or below the average. They could be between $1,000 and $60,000, it all depends on the budget you are comfortable with.

So, choosing an engagement ring that you are comfortable with and that fits your budget can only be achieved if you take into account the most important factors in this aspect, quality and design. By knowing how to choose a good cut, clarity and color, you can save up to 40% and no one but you will notice the difference.

It is well known that guys find it a little harder to decide which ring to buy because in essence, they know less about what their partner would like or what they would really feel comfortable with. With this in mind we have put together a basic and very useful buying guide for guys.


When to buy a wedding ring?

When planning a wedding, there are thousands of tasks that demand an important part of the budget and among all of them wedding rings are usually left until last. This is often a common mistake that pushes couples to buy the cheapest thing at the last minute instead of something they really like.

It's definitely something you'll want to avoid, the main thing is that it feels comfortable and pleasing to your style, so you can wear it at all times.

It is best to choose wedding bands before most of the other passing details of the celebration, after all, your wedding bands will be a personal reminder for life.


Considerations When Choosing a Good Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are usually precious metal bands, but between this conception and personal tastes there are thousands of possible models to choose from. Mainly you will have to consider about:


The metal

Most wedding bands are usually preferred between white gold and yellow gold, but probably what you would like to discuss is the carat weight. A 14kt band, for example, will be much sturdier for everyday wear and more affordable.
Other alternative metals might come into your range of interest.



Many wedding bands can be inlaid with precious colored gemstones or diamonds. It all depends on what goes best with the engagement ring, but if you want to maximize your budget, you might be interested in a more subtle and stylish band.


The Design

If you don't match a classic ring, you may be interested in trying alternative designs, which is a bold fashion statement while holding a special symbolism of love. Stackable designs, for example, can be a good inexpensive start, to which you can then add more elements.


Beyond Purchase Price: Insurance and Maintenance

Another important consideration regarding wedding rings is the additional cost that comes after the purchase price: insurance and maintenance.

As jewelry of great sentimental and often monetary value, it is important that you consider a valuation for insurance to help support your investment, especially if the budget you have stipulated represents an amount that is difficult to replace in the short term.

The cost of jewelry insurance is usually very low compared to your peace of mind.

Also, consider whether the jewelry you have chosen has a specialized design that makes it difficult to maintain at home and requires professional inspection more than once a year (recommended period).


Designs and budget

An interesting way to make your budget more flexible is to consider opening up to non-traditional models, but ones that are symbolic, at least enough to fill the important role of a wedding band.

Eternity rings with natural colored gemstones, for example, can be a wonderful alternative, especially designed to commemorate important events and express love without limits.

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Always remember that the wedding band is a reminder of the love you have received and the promise that you and your partner will be together no matter what.

Por lo que cada alianza, sin importar como se vea, es valiosa y simbólica si encaja con el gusto de su dueña.


What if I can't acquire a dream wedding ring?

The answer is simple, absolutely nothing happens. If your current budget doesn't allow you to purchase a ring without breaking the bank, don't do it. It's as simple as that.

You can purchase a temporary substitute ring and aim to upgrade it in the future with a dream piece of jewelry.

Remember that it is a symbol of love and as long as it is authentic there will be time for fancy diamonds in the future.


Final Thoughts

You don't have to pay two or three months salary on a ring if you don't feel comfortable with it, it is a symbol of your union and what should come from it are only good feelings.

With a good budget or by tightening it as much as possible, the only rule is that you choose the most beautiful jewelry at your discretion within what feels right for you to pay.

Take it easy, consider all the details that will help you maximize your investment and if you feel overwhelmed with the choice contact us, we can advise you to find your ideal ring.


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