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Engagement Ring Buying Guide For Guys

on June 16, 2023

Not sure how to buy an engagement ring? Don't worry, we would rather say that this is an extremely common scenario, which is why we decided to elaborate this perfect guide to solve those doubts that keep overwhelming you and filling you with nerves.

engagement ring Buying guide for guys

It's clear that you want everything to be perfect, you jump into the jewelry market and end up overwhelmed by the amount of cuts, sizes, designs, prices, or types.
You, although you don't know exactly what you want, you are convinced that the important thing is to make your special someone happy and to be able to see the joy in their eyes when you propose eternal love.

So, without further ado, let's guide you through this little world.


What you need to define before starting a search

There are certain basic elements, shall we say requirements, that you need to come up with before you start a serious search for your engagement ring and a lot of this is going to require planning plus a bit of strategy on your part. Once you have all this. The rest will be a breeze.



This is an exercise in honesty. Before you look for the engagement ring of your dreams (or the one of your love's dreams) it's important to come up with a budget you're comfortable with.

The perfect engagement ring is one that suits your partner's tastes and fits the reality of your personal circumstances, keeping in mind that with the right advice (ours) you can find a piece of jewelry that is the ideal balance of beauty, meaning and budget.



Once you've decided on the budget, there's some thought to be given to the things your future fiancée likes. Dress style is a good indication - does she like extravagant or simple and reserved?

Being able to answer these details is key. If it is possible to reveal the secret to an accomplice, he or she can be a great ally in obtaining information. Be conservative and pay attention to their other jewelry to see what characteristics they have.

Don't be overwhelmed, a couple of window-shopping trips can give you a good idea of her reaction to the designs, however, you may ruin the surprise.



Don't be afraid to break out of the mold or get caught up in a style that only others like. An engagement ring is a token of confidence between two people who love each other, the idea is that it should be appropriate to their lifestyle, you shouldn't give importance to anything else outside of this.


Finger size

How to buy an engagement ring without knowing the size of your partner?
A good idea would be to find out where she has bought some of the rings she already has or take it off for a few hours without her noticing, with this you will be able to find out exactly the size you will need.

If your future fiancée does not have rings, it may be the ideal time for you to give her one as a decoy, so as not to be so obvious, enlist the help of an accomplice to give her one for you under any excuse.

What we are and are not interested in about the diamond (or another gemstone)
Since diamond is the favorite gemstone when it comes to engagement rings, it is important that you understand the basic characteristics and how this really affects the price and beauty of the jewelry.



Cut refers to the way a gemstone is cut. Round cut diamonds, for example, are especially popular in engagement rings why? They are more brilliant and because they have fewer edges, they are usually more difficult to chip.

Round diamonds tend to be more expensive than princess cut diamonds, for example. It all depends on how difficult it is to get a specific shape in a certain size.



Depending on the peculiarities present at the time of a diamond's natural formation, it can range from colorless to yellow. The GIA has classified these colors from D to Z.

Completely colorless diamonds are rarer and therefore more expensive than other diamonds of the same weight.



Inclusions and imperfections in diamonds (which are present in any gemstone) define their clarity, sometimes due to the presence of other elements and sometimes due to cracks or micro-fractures in their natural formation.

Clarity ranges from Flawless (without any inclusions) to I3 (with visible inclusions). FL, IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1 and VS2 diamonds are the range to target, understanding that FL is the rarest and most expensive of them all.



Carats are the unit of measurement for the weight of gems, the more carats, logically, the higher the cost and size. Of course, depending on the cut, some diamonds may look bigger than others, so you have to be careful on this point.

How relevant are the 4 C's?

This is probably the most important point when deciding which engagement ring to buy. For example, not everyone can tell the difference in color between an F and an H (or maybe an I) and the difference in price is considerable. That doesn’t mean that colored diamonds can’t be beautiful because when they are well done they can look amazing as our Brown Diamond Engagement Ring


Similarly, it is not necessary that your diamond is a very small Flawless (maximum clarity), when a VVS2, VS1 can give you a much larger diamond without going over budget.

This includes the cut, there are cuts that are cheaper not because of their beauty but because it is easier to get a good size from a rough gem than others. A small variation in carat can make a big difference in the budget.

As a general rule, if you are on a budget you can choose a round cut (it is usually more expensive), thanks to its brilliance, the color takes a back seat because it becomes more diffuse.

So, we can continue playing, if you want a more economical cut such as princess or emerald, you will surely want a little more clarity and color, however the carats will not be a priority because they are cuts that usually look bigger than another diamond of the same weight, with a good setting.

In short, balance the 4 C's until the stone matches your budget by prioritizing the feature you like the most.


Browse a bit through the different models

If you already defined the budget and have a general idea of what your special someone might like get some inspiration by looking for models. You don’t need to become a jewelry expert, but allow yourself to compare options and don’t go for the first classic model you see.

You don’t necessarily have to choose a ring with solitaire and diamonds. Models with sapphire, for example, are a very good alternative for this kind of rings or maybe a birthstone, dare to explore options.

Choose an appropriate size

Rings that are too big are not always the most beautiful, unless for you (or your partner) this is really a relevant factor.

More is not always better, choose a suitable design and don't be dazzled by the size of the stone or the height.


Select the type and cut of the stone

Now that you have all the basics down, it's time to define the center gemstone for your ring and the cut that most appeals to you. It doesn't have to be one in particular, but it is important to have it defined for the "advanced" phases of the search, this will save you headaches.

Pay attention to your love's favorite metal
The metal of the band also plays a fundamental role, but this one is much easier for you. Platinum and white gold are the undisputed kings in engagement rings, can't it be any other? It can be whatever you want, but these are the most requested options.

Platinum is the most expensive of all, being more limited than gold and more durable. White gold is a more affordable and elegant choice; you can choose between 18 and 14 karat.

In 2020 yellow gold Engagement Rings are trend and that’s something to have in mind as well.


Details make the difference

One way to make a bigger impact, especially if you're not very clueless is to choose details that speak about the couple. Choose a gem color similar to the eyes of your future fiancée, or for example a special engraving or details of nature because she loves the forest.

The details make the difference when deciding on a ring, they are things that a classic design cannot get, the symbolic will always win.


Don't get complicated

If you've made it this far you know very well how to buy a unique engagement ring for the love of your life without dying trying. Take your time and don't stress, in the end it will be worth it every time your partner will lovingly show off the bond that unites you.

It is important that you take your time to choose and seek help when you feel things are a little confusing, we all need it sometime.


Take advice with no strings attached

We offer no obligation counseling channels to help you find that dream jewel with which to seal a long and prosperous engagement, with that person who makes your life an adventure.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us to find together that beautiful ring that will dazzle your love.


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