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Engagement Ring Engraving Ideas

on June 16, 2023

The engraving of an engagement ring is a very special matter and one in which we must be creative. It may be difficult to think of some ideas, because defining love in such a small space is at least a titanic task.

The secret language of the couple is what fills a relationship with magic, why not immortalize it in your engagement ring or wedding ring? Explore the possibilities of engravings and find the words with which you would sum up your true love story.

We have prepared for you some Engagement Ring Engraving Ideas that will serve as a source of inspiration.


Inspiration for romantic inscriptions on your engagement ring

An engagement ring engraving is an excellent opportunity to express yourself. A phrase that can be immortalized on the inside discretion of the ring and when read will remind you of the real reason for being together.


<<Worth the wait>>

Anillo de platino y Diamantes (D VVS)


<<In this life and the next >>

Anillo clásico de oro blanco 18 quilates y diamante central redondo 1.00 quilate


<<You fond me>>

Central sapphire in 18kt gold


<<we walk together >>

Half band of diamonds set in Platinum


<< my kaleiroscope >>

Ring Platinum Solitaire Ring with Oval Diamond


Classic and romantic pieces ranging from a diamond centerpiece to an intensely colored sapphire centerpiece are magical for this type of engraving.


Symbolic Inscriptions for Significant Wedding Rings

Another way to engrave an engagement ring is to be inspired by phrases whose meaning is more difficult to understand, but tells a symbolic story for the couple, a secret they share that makes them love each other even in distance or hardship. A phrase that only makes sense to both of you.


<<Do you remember?>>

Classic princess cut center diamond in 18kt gold


<<I always knew>>

The coordinates of the place where you saw each other for the first time, where you had the first date, the first kiss, where you said "YES" or the location of the wedding.


<<I choose you>>

Platinum and diamond ring (Trillions and Cushion).


<<You are loved>>

"If my heart were a compass, you would be my north" it would point to you wherever you are, wherever I am.


<<My Nort>>


Inscription for biblical inspired engagement rings

Regardless of each couple's religion or spirituality, biblical quotes, references to pages from a special book or particular lines from a poem are very popular engravings for engagement rings. A very elegant way to summarize a great meaning of love as a "code".


<<1 Cor 13:13>> (Corinthians)

18 karat white gold and round center diamond

(13. Three things will last forever: faith, hope and love; and the greatest of the three is love).


<<Pr 10:12>> (Proverbs)

Green Tourmaline and diamond ring

(12. Hatred is a cause of dissensions, but love covers all faults).


<<Matt 19:6>> (Matthew)

Platinum ring with half channel set Baguette diamonds


(6. So then, they are no more twain, but one flesh: what therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder).


Shared inscriptions

An inscription does not necessarily have to go on one ring, in fact, both can immortalize the words between one ring and another that completes the phrase.

Certainly combined engravings that start on one ring and end on the other or complement each other are one of the most sought after.


<<After all this time? - Always>>>

Ring 18kt White Gold Ruby Cabochon & Diamonds


<<I looked at you - I found you>>


<<Always together? - Yes, always!>>


Ring Platinum Blue Sapphire & Diamonds

<<U Married me? / Yes, forever>>>


Inscriptions with personality

Every couple has their own language, some prefer to be a little more fun, expressing their own personalities.


<<It will be legendary>>.

Ring 18kt Gold Diamonds Wedding Band


<<Put me back on!>>

Ring Platinum Ruby GIA & Diamonds


<<Meant to be>>

Ring 18kt White Gold Band & 14 Diamonds


Explore inscriptions in another language

Since an engraving is often a confidence between the couple (or a curiosity with which to cloy your closest friends with tenderness) exploring an inscription in another language is a good alternative, not only for polyglots, but for all those who love mystery.


"Je t'aime"

(I love you, French)

18kt White Gold & Diamonds Ring


"Mon coeur est a vous" 

(My heart is yours, French).

Platinum Ring Three Stones Yellow Sapphire and Diamonds


"Joie sans fin" 

(Endless joy, French)

Ring 18kt White Gold Fancy Brown Diamond & 60 Brilliant Diamonds


Sono tuo

(I am yours, Italian)

Ring Platinum Solitaire Ring with Oval Diamond


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