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Where to buy gold jewelry in Miami?

on June 08, 2023

If you want to know where to buy gold jewelry in Miami let us invite you to our physical store, where you will not only find the best designer gold jewelry, but also the attention and guidance you need to make the right choice according to your needs. All our pieces are made with high quality materials and natural gemstones of natural, ethical and certified origin.

Where to buy gold jewelry in Miami?


If you are a resident or are in the Miami, Florida area, we will strive to make Albert Hern your best choice.


An iconic location to shop for gold jewelry: The Historic Alfred I. Dupont Building

Our store is located at 169 E Flagler St, Miami, FL 33131, United States, right on the 1st floor of the Historic Alfred I. Dupont Building, suite #633 the only Art Deco building in the city of Miami.

An ideal place for historic sightseeing and revel in the iconic architecture of the 1940s, where cocktail jewelry marked the end of the Great Depression.
If you find yourself visiting Miami, visiting Albert Hern's fine jewelry store should be one of your must-see stops.


The value of buying jewelry near you

Both in Miami and online there are good places where you can purchase gold jewelry at competitive prices, the problem with shopping anywhere with "tempting" deals is that you may not be fully protected.

If you buy from a reputable local supplier, in a physical store located in a trusted area, you can be sure that your purchase of great sentimental value will be backed by a full warranty and a face that will be happy to cover you in case of any eventuality.


Top of the Line Gold Jewelry Maintenance in Miami

A piece of jewelry is forever. But just like a car or a beautiful home, a fine piece of jewelry needs a little love from time to time.

Since, over time, jewelry can absorb a lot of oils and all kinds of dirt and grime found in the environment from day to day, a good professional cleaning is necessary from time to time.

If your jewelry is personal and valuable to you, don't give it to just anyone. If you are in Miami you can arrange a professional cleaning of your jewelry with us.
Albert Hern fine jewelry pieces are professionally cleaned from time to time as required. Another great advantage of buying locally.


A Tribute to Custom Jewelry in Miami

One of our main brand identities is to create jewelry with which you can empower your everyday style, which is why we specialize in custom jewelry design in gold and gemstones.

Such as eternity rings, capable of expressing what words cannot, accompanied by a wide range of possible gemstones, each with its own personality.

To the catalog are included stunning cocktail rings, delicate pendants, initial letters with sparkling oval gems, diamond earrings or with gems of beautiful natural colors and much more.


An extensive catalog of gold jewelry available in Miami

To honor the city's only historic Art Deco building, our collection features many dazzling jewelry pieces inspired by the 1940s. As well as modern or timeless pieces.

If you'd like to browse our catalog of gold, rhodium and platinum jewelry, you can do a quick inspection of our online store before visiting the store.


Where to find the best gold and gemstone jewelry in Miami?

You can check our address directly on Google Maps and arrange a direct route for you to visit us, near Bayfront Park, on the second floor of the historic Alfred I Dupont building. Located at 169 E Flagler St, Miami, FL 33131, United States, suite #633.

With weekly attention from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 or 24h through our digital media. We are waiting for you.

See our Google Map Address


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