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How to measure ring size

on June 16, 2023

This is probably one of the most asked questions, How to know my ring size? And the reason is simple. When buying a designer ring, the least we can expect is that the purchase and acquisition process is as perfect as the jewel.

We love surprises and we know how hard is to buy a ring for a loved one without asking them their size (That would be really obvious and we don't want that)

Let's review in detail how to measure your ring size at home and save your day!


How can I tell what size my ring is?

The ring size is different for each person and varies a lot between men and women from number 3 to 13 usually. A standard size for women ranges from 5 to 7 (6 is the most commonly sold size). For men, average ring sizes range from 8 to 10, with 9 being the best-selling men's ring size.

These sizes have an equivalence in millimeters (mm). Size 3 is a 14.1mm band length. Every 0.4 millimeters is equivalent to a 0.5 increase in size. So if instead of being 3 you are 3.5 the measurement should read about 14.5mm.

For 14.9mm you can say that your size is 4. For 16.5mm the ring would be 6. If the measurement is 16.9mm the size is 6.5 and so on indefinitely (actually up to 22.6mm). This way you will be able to tell what your ring size is without any problems.


How do I measure my ring size at home?

There are three simple methods to find your ring size at home without any problems. Although it is important to keep in mind that these measurements will not be perfect if they are done only once, why? Simple, the size or thickness of our fingers vary a lot depending on the temperature and time of day.

Let's keep in mind then, that unless you have another ring for size comparison, it is best to measure a couple of times before declaring a definite ring size.

We have good news! You can download our Ring Sizer Guide to find out a ring size at home using another ring or easily sizing the finger.


Using a string

The easiest method of all is to use a small string, strip of paper or some dental floss. What you need to measure is the circumference of the finger. To do this, wrap the string, floss or paper strip around the base of the finger and make a mark right where the two ends meet (where they overlap).

What you should do now is to unfold the material you used and compare it with a ruler, measuring how many millimeters were necessary to wrap your finger.

The measurement in millimeters will give you your size. To be super precise, you can make a fake ring with a strip of paper and some tape until it feels snug. Neither tight nor loose and then cut the strip to see how much it measures.


Using an existing piece of jewelry

You can use a ring you already have available in your closet and check its diameter against our ring sizing chart. Just place the band on the printed sheet and identify where it fits.

This is the ideal method if you want to identify your partner's ring size in secret to surprise him/her. It is also possible to get an accomplice to get the jewelry and ask the jeweler to tell you the size more precisely.


Ring sizer

The pdf has a ring sizer to cut and use on your finger. This is a graduated band that you can squeeze around the base of your finger and they will tell you your ideal size.


How to know what is my ring size in inches

Each country, including some brands, has its own standard for measuring the size of a garment or accessory. Our PDF has an international ring size chart where you can convert your size (Form your country to United States or any other country)

1 millimeter (mm) is equivalent to 0.0393701 inches so you must multiply.

If your ring size is 7 (17.3mm) you would multiply 17.3x0.0393701 and get the measurement in inches (0.6811).


Can I change the size of the ring once I purchase it?

Although changing the band size is a possibility it is important that we keep two things in mind:

  1. Rings cannot always be resized due to their design. This means that if the band is ornate, with special inlays, with alternative metals (such as rhodium), or has a specific number of gemstones, it may not be possible to resize the band.
  2. If a size change is made to the band, it involves adding or removing some of the metal. This of course has an impact on the price and weight of the ring.

This does not have to be a stress factor for you when purchasing your dream ring. If you have the advice of Albert Hern the ring resizing is free charge, as long as it is a model that allows it.

Now that you have all these tricks at hand you can leave before your partner the ideal clues, such as a magazine or a gallery of beautiful rings of your size opened by mistake (oops!). If the surprise is on your side, you already know the target of your next undercover mission.

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by Bobby mic bober on May 15, 2023

Your information greatly enhanced my knowledge of rings sizes I appreciate the information have a great rest of your day you


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