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Welcome to our most exclusive collection of fine jewelry rings, designed for every taste and occasion. These are the best handmade pieces, with the most exotic precious gems and diamond rings set in gold-always preserving the classic and timeless style.

Rings (18)

Ring 18kt Gold Half Band Tourmalines & Diamonds

$5,000.00 USD

Ring 18kt Yellow Gold Ruby & Diamonds

$4,000.00 USD

Ring 18kt White Gold Ruby Cabochon & Diamonds

$4,000.00 USD

Ring 18kt Gold Oval Cabochon Ruby & Diamonds Band

$3,450.00 USD

Ring 18kt Gold GIA Oval Ruby & 2 Oval Peridots

$3,250.00 USD

Ring 18kt Two Tone Gold Ruby & Diamonds

$2,700.00 USD

Ring 18kt White Gold Pink Quartz, Sapphires and Diamonds

$2,600.00 USD

Ring 18kt Oval Rubies & Diamonds

$2,500.00 USD

Ring 18kt Gold Pear Sapphire & Trillion Rubellite

$2,165.00 USD

Ring 18kt Gold Spring & Ruby Oval

$2,025.00 USD

Ring 18kt Gold Oval Rubellite & Green Sapphires

$1,750.00 USD

Maxi Eternity Rings Gemstones & Gold

$1,700.00 USD

As we know, for thousands of years rings have been an unmistakable symbol of commitment, alliances, love and status; we made this section the most special so that you can find the ideal piece you are looking for, whatever the occasion.

Everything you're looking for, from the most modern designs like the spiral gold and diamonds rings, the classic and symbolic tones of the birth gems such as the pink sapphire in yellow gold chain ring, to the most ambitious and spectacular pieces, like the sapphire and diamonds promise 14K white gold ring, you'll find in this collection.

Everything was created with a unique distinctive touch and the most beautiful materials, gems and finishes that the market can offer, to make every occasion unforgettable.


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