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Ring 18kt Rose Gold Pearls Sapphires & Diamonds

$4,500.00 USD

Earrings 18kt Gold Pearls with Sapphires & Diamonds Flowers

$4,200.00 USD

Earrings 18kt White Gold Dangle South Sea Pearl & Diamonds

$3,500.00 USD

Earrings Classic 18kt Gold South Sea Pearls & Diamonds

$3,500.00 USD$4,250.00 USD

Earrings 18kt Gold South Sea Pears Sapphires & Diamonds

$3,490.00 USD

Earrings 18kt Gold Circle Drop with Pearls & Diamonds

$3,400.00 USD

Necklace 18kt Gold Mother Pearl Miraculous Diamonds & Pearls Medal

$2,925.00 USD

Earrings 18kt Gold Pink Sapphires with Pearls & Detachable Diamonds

$2,750.00 USD$3,340.00 USD

Earrings Pink Sapphires & Diamonds with South Sea Pearls

$2,750.00 USD$3,750.00 USD

Ring 18kt White Gold South Pearl and Diamonds

$2,700.00 USD

Ring South Sea Golden Pearl with Diamonds & Blue Sapphire

$2,650.00 USD

Earrings 18kt Gold Tahití Pearls with Rubies & Diamonds studs

$2,500.00 USD

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